A Little Fighter Inspires Monster Truck Drivers

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BLOOMSBURG — Preston Tucker from Scott Township seems like your average six year old, but as his mom will tell you, his heart is anything but average.

“He was born with transposition of the great arteries, VSD,  Pulmonary Stenosis, Bradycardia,” said Erica Tucker, Preston’s mom.

Just last Thursday, Tucker underwent his second open heart surgery.

Eight days later, he’s front row at the Bloomsburg Jamboree in Columbia County meeting his biggest fan.

“I can’t believe how strong his family is, his mother is, to get through this and this kid just made my day by showing up here. It’s truly an honor to have him here,” said Dave Radzierez from monster truck team XDP.

Team XDP is from the Tannersville area.

Radzierez been following tucker’s journey on Facebook.

So, for the six year old, his motivation to get well soon was easy; he wanted to see his favorite monster truck in person.

“I wanted to see XDP, ” said Tucker.

“I am going to put on a show for this kid, ” said Radzierez

The six year old’s mom is just happy to watch her son smile.

“Very proud of Preston and how far he’s come knowing that it’s only eight days since his operation. Knowing that he’s walking around, talking and able to be a normal kid,” said Erica Tucker.

Tucker has a message for kids just like him:  just keep fighting!