Volunteers Push Forward With Library Fundraiser After Storm

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DALLAS – Organizers said they would not let damage from a storm delay the annual Back Mountain Memorial Library Auction in Luzerne County.

Leslie Horoshko told Newswatch 16 that the gusty storm knocked down the big top that had just been set up Tuesday evening.

“The main poles were up but the rest of it was down. Oh it was awful, furniture was all over the place,” said Horoshko. “Chainsaws were going Wednesday morning all around, everywhere. This whole neighborhood got a real, real hard shot here.”

Although thousands of people in the Back Mountain were without power and many families focused on cleaning up the storm damage at their homes, volunteers said they would not let a storm cancel or even push back the fundraiser.

“We got everything moved out of the tent. And round two hit so we had to get it back in. And then back out again to get everything straightened up ,” said Wayne Williams. “People can come out here, relax, enjoy all of the food and the fun and the comradery. This is a wonderful place to be.”

The Back Mountain Memorial Library Auction runs through Sunday evening.