Sword Used in Robbery, Kidnapping in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE– Two men accused of kidnapping and robbing a man are locked up in Luzerne County.

Authorities say Jhogan Guerra and Juan Hernandez went to a home on Hutson Street and used a sword to force the man to go with them.

The suspects took the victim to another area and demanded his cash and bank cards. They claimed the victim owed them for a prior debt.

Police said the two men returned the man to his house, where the victim called the police.

Guerra and Hernandez were caught shortly after and charged with kidnapping, robbery, and assault.



    Hey you two, IF you try to rob me, my best advice for you two is that if you bring your swords to the gunfight your gonna have with me and my friends SMITH & WESSON your gonna lose !

    • I always get the last laugh

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  • JP

    And the NINJAs strike again! lol I would really like to know the reasoning for the sword and for taking the guy from his house and taking him back. These guys can’t be all that bad, just not to bright! lol

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