Shots Fired in Scranton

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SCRANTON-- Two people were arrested after gunfire in Scranton Thursday.

Police were called to the intersection of Prospect Avenue and Moosic Street just after 11 p.m. Thursday.

Bullet casings were on the ground and officers were inside a home nearby.

Witnesses told Newswatch 16 that five men were vandalizing a vehicle when someone tried to stop them and that's when the shots rang out. Authorities have not confirmed what happened.

Police say Rahiem Singleton of Scranton fired shots into a vehicle on Hemlock Street.

Adrian Reid of Scranton is accused of trying to slash someone with a knife during the fight.

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  • ScrantonStrong

    Ohh please with the ” move out now!” I’ve seen more homicides happen in rural areas lately. If scranton was so bad how come WE only have 1 death by gunfire?

    • I always get the last laugh

      That’s right scrantonstrong just keep repeating the same old lines over and over. Scranton used to be such a nice area, Scranton used to be such a nice area. I guarantee Scranton will surpass Wilkes-Barre in homicides within three years. Just because Scranton used to be moslty white doesn’t mean it was a nice place to live. I bet you’re Irish and probably Catholic as well, that would explain the denial and pride. Lol.

      • ScrantonStrong

        First I never said “used to be”. Scranton still is a nice area. Secondly, with NEPA being mostly WHITE and predominately catholic. You only got one right, I don’t care for whole religion thing. If scranton had a surplus budget and no crime “you” people would still B*tch.

      • I Always Get The Last Laugh

        Scrantonstrong I’m not complaining one bit, I’m gloating. Lol. I’m very happy about Scranton being overrun by gangs because the majority of the white population that didn’t move out before the housing collapse very much deserves whats happening to their beloved city. What I see now is a mainly a bunch of as**oles crying for sympathy because they’re aware they chased out the decent citizens with their behavior. When I absolutely have to go to Scranton the ignorant people I always meet reminds me why the area has the reputation it does and why its always been known as a dumping ground.

  • JP

    If what the witnesses say is true, I hope whoever fired the shots got them! And that the vandals ran off to die a slow miserable death. Unfortunately the shooter will be charged for something, even though he was doing the right thing. Bunch of pansies!

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