Owner Of Towing Business Sentenced To Jail

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WILKES-BARRE -- A tow truck operator convicted on theft charges was sentenced Friday morning in Luzerne County.

"I'm embarrassed about what happened. We'll see what happens. "

Leo Glodzik was optimistic that he would be sentenced to probation or house arrest after the owner of LAG Towing was found guilty of stealing $1,000 in cash from a car he towed during an FBI sting in 2013.

Instead Judge Lisa Gelb sentenced Glodzik to three to 12 months in jail, infuriating his attorney.

"If she treated him fairly, she would have given him a sentence that is consistent with some of the other sentences that people have gotten for stealing huge amounts of money," said defense attorney Joseph Sklarosky.

Glodzik's case follows others in Luzerne County where people also stole money more than Glodzik but received no time behind bars.

In May, Fred DeSanto was sentenced to a year of house arrest after pleading guilty to stealing $30,000 worth of services from the Wyoming Valley Sewer Authority.

That same month, Christine Skorodensky was sentenced to six months house arrest after admitting to taking $53,000 from the Woodlands Inn and Resort.

In September 2013, Janet Griffith was sentenced to two years of probation after pleading guilty to swiping $17,000 from Luzerne County Community College.

Officials say Glodzik will likely end up at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility for minimal offenders where he can leave for work release during the day, but he must report back every night.

"Extremely unfair sentence by a very timid judge who is afraid of what's going to be seen in the press. That's what she's afraid of."

Leo Glodzik did not want to talk about the state liens against his business or what he's going to do about the crumbling bridge he owns over the Susquehanna River near Exeter.

Glodzik, the owner of LAG Towing in Wilkes-Barre had been accused of stealing more than $2,000 in cash from a vehicle that had been towed to his lot in January of 2013. A jury found Glodzik guilty of theft by unlawful taking but not guilty of theft from a vehicle.

Glodzik must report to jail next Friday morning.


  • dodge

    I tell u this world is going to hell ….why put it one away for 2000 an three others u slap in the hand an let them go on big amounts of money .hmmmm maybe u didn’t give the judge some of it first ..the sytem is all missed up any where u go welcome to pa .lol .

  • Yvonne D.

    I’ve known Leo for many years and he’s a great guy! Just this spring he donated materials and time to rebuild the concession stand at the Little League field and often gives his Friday afternoons to mow the soccer fields for kids Sat. games. Last winter he did a lot of free plowing and helped some of his elderly neighbors get their snow tires mounted for just a thanks and a smile. I’m proud to call him my friend and neighbor!


      Maybe he can DONATE the money he STOLE to tear down the bridge he bought. Can’t you read he is not a neighbor. Let me ask you would let him clean your house? Maybe date your daughter. If you answered yes to either of these questions, i hear he has a BRIDGE for sale.


    Just look below at all the CRAP he has pulled. and thats just what he has been caught at. WORK release give him the keys to another tow truck or your wallet or maybe let him DETAIL your cars interior he is good at that.

  • LS

    I don’t know Mr. Glodzik personally. What’s with the vendetta against him? The report said his towing company didn’t have a contract with police. Why is he being sentenced 3 to 12 months over $1,000 yet other people who embezzled 17 to 50 times that amount from the Wyoming Valley Sewer Authority, Luzerne County Community College, and Woodlands Inn and Resort get house arrest or probation?

  • Aria

    Awh, so baby gets to go to sleepaway camp? How sweet! What’s next? Stealing more cars from little old ladies and calling it his community service?


      NO making us waste money to take him to court. making tax payers take down his bridge.
      BUT Yvonne D. says he is a great guy

    • LEO bought a bridge I would hav bought a ZOO

      Work release yes make him tear down his bridge. Clean the streets of Duryea the community he has repeatedly embarrassed. NO JUST LOCK HIM UP. If the tax payers have to pay to remove his bridge. LOCK HIM UP and have a yard sale at his house.

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