New Class of State Troopers Ready For Duty

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HERSHEY — There will soon be more state troopers on the job in PA.

On Friday, 88 men and women graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy.

Governor Corbett took part in the ceremony in Dauphin County.

This was the 138th class to graduate from the Academy in Hershey since its opening in 1960.

The graduates have been assigned to stations within twelve troop areas across the state and will start their assignments on July 21.


  • Randy

    Dear Govern, There are a lot of police in our state, They work hard doing a job at catching Thief’s, Murderers, criminals, WHY ARE CRIMINALS, Ect…. REWARDED WITH “RIGHTS” when convicted with crimes, to incarcerated them in Jail with Food, Water, clean clothing, linen, Room and Board, Room temperature heat, Health Coverage, There are people living in card boxes without insurance, sometimes without food, water, ect…. Tax Payers need to start sending letters to their congressmen, why, because your tax dollars are wasted with criminal “Rights”

  • Ken Foulkes

    Sure, and when you need help, who you gonna call? They’ll risk their life to try and save yours. How about some respect for a thankless job.

    • Susan

      Thank you for your comment and the appreciation you convey for a difficult job. Clearly others who have posted comments don’t get it.

    • Susan

      Your comment shows a complete lack of respect for the men and women of the Gibson barracks, who do a great job in a very rural area. I hope you never need their help, but if you do, the troopers will risk their lives to save yours.

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