Pike County DA: Reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to arrest, conviction in deadly state police shooting 1-866-326-7256

Man Injured, Home Destroyed In Fire

GREENE TOWNSHIP — Emergency crews treated John Nicholas for burns to his head and neck outside his home on East Valley Road in Greene Township near Loganton.

“I’ll see you in a couple of hours. “

Nora Nicholas said that’s the last thing she said to her husband before he was flown to Lehigh Valley Burn Center for treatment.

The family’s home caught fireĀ  while John Nicholas was sitting in his living room.

“And there was an explosion and flames right away. He had to walk through the flames to get out of the house,” said Nora Nicholas.

The worst of the damage is to the back of the house. Nicholas said she was outside of the house when the fire started that she went back into the home to get her husband.

“I went back in and met him in the pantry which is the room after the explosion so he had to walk through the fire, that’s what I’m guessing, to get to me,” said Nicholas.

Crews from three counties worked to put out flames. The deputy fire chief from sugar valley said there may have been an explosion before the fire.

” It may have been some propane in the vents, heating vents you know. But, we’ll know more once we get inside,” said Deputy Chief Dennis Long from Sugar Valley Fire Company.

Nora Nicholas said her husband has burns to his neck and head. Their home is complete loss but Nicholas said she’s glad she could help get her husband out safely.
“Well it was just something you do you just have to do you know. I just did it.”

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