Homeowners Wait for Answers after Tuesday’s Storm

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HARFORD TOWNSHIP -- Mill Street in the Kingsley area seemed much quieter on Friday than had been the past few days.

Power was restored later Thursday after Tuesday night's storm knocked out power and knocked down trees.

"First thing I did was run down here and I wanted to see if everyone had their power back," said Alan Oakley from Kingsley.

These kids are spending their summer vacation cleaning up the mess the storm left behind in Susquehanna County.

Now that the power's back on, homes and businesses are checking with their insurance company to see if their damage is covered.

"It's a big relief that we will have insurance to cover the building and we'll continue to operate," said Karen Harmer, who works at Ross Feeds.

Ross Feeds on Mill Street had an insurance adjuster check the storm damage to the building on Friday.

The insurance company said the business needs a new roof, but there is good news.

"We will get full coverage on our building, ya know and hopefully some of the trees will be covered for the removal," said Harmer.

Others in the community are still waiting to hear from their insurance company.

Rebecca and Joe Mordent said they're insurance adjuster isn't coming until sometime next week.

"Do we tarp our roof? Are we covered if it rains and it goes in our house? We don't know," said Rebecca Mordent.

The Mordent's are also trying to save a piece of history on their property.

"This was the Rufus Kingsley tree. He was a drummer boy during the Civil War. This was the first house that was built in Kingsley and this {tree} fell here on our roof. "

The couple said they're trying to preserve the damaged tree, but the tree is just one of their problems.

"It looks like it's all back to normal, but it's not it's not."

Insurance agents said that all homeowners' insurance policies are different and while some may be covered for certain damage, others may not. Agents encourage homeowners to check with your insurance company for more information.

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  • Garben

    Read your policy where it states you should protect your property from further damage so yes tarp your roof like any normal person would do you shouldn’t need a answer from an insurance company it’s a no brainer unless your looking to get something better then what you had

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