Blueberry Season Not ‘Ripe’ on Time

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PALYMRA TOWNSHIP -- Today is National Blueberry Muffin Day and it got us wondering how is the blueberry crop in our area expected to be this season?

Farmers at one farm near Lake Wallenpaupack expect them to stay that way longer than usual.

Take a walk through the blueberry bushes at Paupack Blueberry Farm in Pike County and you'll notice a lot more green than blue.

Owner Debbie Lloyd said although blueberry season usually doesn't start for a few more weeks, it might be even longer this year.

"We have a very late crop due to I believe the cold late spring that we had. They're running about a week and a half late this year," said Paupack Blueberry Farm owner Debbie Lloyd.

There are 20 acres of blueberries here and people have been calling and stopping by every day, wondering when these berries will be ripe.

Bonnie Walter stopped to do some shopping here at the farm, but isn't surprised she'll have to wait.

"Not really, because the weather was kind of bad this winter, so it doesn't really surprise me, but oh well, all good things take time," said Bonnie Walter of Bath.

But workers at the farm near Lake Wallenpaupack are still baking up blueberry treats from berries that come in from out of the area, celebrating National Blueberry Muffin Day while they wait for their crop to ripen.

"We have homemade blueberry syrup, blueberry jams, all kinds of fruit jams, all kinds of baked goods," said Lloyd.

Once these 26 varieties are finally ready for the picking, the folks at Paupack Blueberry Farm said they are expecting a strong season.

Nearby, the same family operates this ice cream shop with its signature blueberry ice cream.

They say a late season, won't 'freeze' this business.

"Not usually, we take the blueberries from the season before and we can make the ice cream before the blueberry season even starts," said Coutts Ice Cream Manager Anna Coutts.

Customers here continue to ask when blueberry picking can begin.

Owners said they will just have to wait until Mother Nature is ready - most likely by the end of July or early August.

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