The Final Farewell To Officer Ruben Torres

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STROUDSBURG -- It was a final farewell for a Stroud Area Regional police officer Thursday after his three-month-long battle with cancer.

With heavy hearts, Stroud Area Regional Police joined with family and friends to say goodbye to Officer Ruben Torres.

Main Street in Stroudsburg filled with flags, police from all over, and the community that Torres served for 25 years.

"Ruben was very dedicated to the job, to the community, and we want to make sure his family knows it," said Pocono Township Fire Chief Mike Shay.

Torres lost a three-month battle to cancer on Monday.

A motorcade of dozens of motorcyles drove with the funeral procession.

Officer Torres' bike led for one final time.

Many of the officers riding along were close friends.

"Officer Torres is just a genuinely nice person, through my experience with him, and to come up and pay our respects," said Easton Police Officer Carl Faulkner.

Community members lined the streets as the motorcade passed by.

"I think everybody should come out and pay their respects. He put his life on the line every day for this town," said Gloria Vanwhy of Stroudsburg.

Vanwhy said Officer Torres often patrolled outside her apartment in Stroudsburg. Now her heart goes out to his wife and family, including his 11 children.

"Oh, my gosh, and I feel so sorry for them. I mean to have to go through the rest of their lives without him."

As these officers say their final goodbyes to their own brother, they have a message for the family.

"It's not just them that's feeling the pain, that he did touch a lot of lives and there's a lot of people that do think highly of their loved one."