Talkback: Severe Storms Have People Talking

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The recent severe storms and tornadoes in our area were the focus of Thursday's Talkback. Some people had ideas about who should be helping with the cleanup, and how.


  • Kate

    Thank you for being so thoughtful and unselfish by not worrying about your own safety and staying on the air informing us all. It was a great help to all involved and gave peace to those who had family in the storms path.

  • Kate

    Because of the pot holes, tourist and new housing developments pushing wildlife off woods into roadways, going for the mail or to get milk is no longer fun it is dangerous to your life and vehicle. You can no longer pass on family history by showing your family old monuments or family homesteads by taking them on a leisurely ride. It is a thing of the past.

  • Me

    The end is near. It is written in the bible in the “last days” storms of great proportion will wreak havoc on mankind.

    Nobody wants to follow His way and He will cleanse the earth once and for all.

    To hell with the sinners and the ones who believe in Him will live for eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    For He will make his wrath felt !!!

    You have been warned

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