Susquehanna County Cleans Up Storm Damage

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HARFORD TOWNSHIP -- Storm clean up has begun in Susquehanna County.

For people like Butch Baker, who lives here in the Kingsley Area, it's not going to be easy.

Baker was home Tuesday evening when an EF 1 tornado with winds as high as 100 miles an hour  touched down just yards away from his property.

"It sounded like a train coming and then it got real loud. I mean, it was unbelievable," said Baker.

The National Weather Service said this wooded area just off Route 547 is where the tornado hit mangling trees in its path.

In other places in Harford Township, strong straight line winds caused trees to drop and power lines to fall.

"100 mph winds is 100 mph winds. Whether it's swirling or not, it's pretty serious.," said Dave Nicosia from the  National Weather Service.

Penelec said they had about 30 crews in the Kingsley dealing with hundreds power outages but people who are left in the dark tell said they have bigger concerns, some of them need to get trees off their property. "

"Wow. All the trees were over and it was just a cluster," said Journey Lane from Kingsley. Her home is fine, but her road was blocked by trees.

Tree trimming companies have been traveling all over the northern tier to help clean up the mess Tuesday's storm left behind.

"Here in Kingsley. This is the worst spot we've seen so far," said Mike Brotzman from M & K Tree Trimmers.

It seems like these tree trimmers have their work cut out for them.

"We're always busy in the summertime and I hate to see all the damage to people's homes and stuff. So yeah, we do what we can for them," said Brotzman.

As for the power, Penelec expects some of the power will be restored after midnight on Friday,  but for people with severe damage. It could take a little longer.