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Restoring Power in Columbia County

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GREENVILLE TOWNSHIP -- Thousands in our area are still without power after Tuesday's storms. Electric companies are using their own crews and ones from out of state to try to restore power as quickly as possible.

Families in Columbia County say it doesn't make the wait any easier to take.

Utility crews working on downed power lines on Eagle Road in Greenville Township near Orangeville have Edward Albertson feeling, "happy happy, happy, happy."

Homes on this road have been without power since the storm on Tuesday.

“It's been a little bit trying for the last couple of days," said Karen Kline from Greenwood Township.

Extension cords plugged into a noisy generator hang from the window of Karen Kline's home up the road. She's using it to keep her refrigerator running.

"At least if we have to get from one place to another at night we can use our hunting head lights if we need to," said Kline.

According to PPL by this morning, nearly 900 homes and businesses in Columbia County still had no power. At the Kline’s, dirty dishes are piling up. Without electricity, their water pump does not work.

"We go out every morning and get the things we need, like bottled water to get us through the day," said Kline.

A day and a half without a working water pump, the Kline family says they are getting a little creative. They are using water from their pool to flush their toilets.

“We have five-gallon buckets that we fill from out pool water. We take it inside and at least that gives us the ability to use the bathroom,” said Kline.

Down the road, Edward Albertson was anxious for his power to come back on.

“It's not the most convenient. I had to take a shower at work, my wife had to take showers at her daughter's house,” said Albertson.

"We are sort of trying to hold our own and waiting to see if the power will get restored today if not we might have to make arrangements,” said Kline.

PPL expects most homes and business in Columbia County to have power back on by Friday.

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