Man Dead After Being Trapped Under Tractor

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- An elderly man from Monroe County is dead after apparently getting pinned under his tractor.

Officials said a mail carrier found the man dead Thursday afternoon in his garage along Learn Lane near Stroudsburg.

The coroner said it appears the 84-year-old man was attempting to load the 500-pound tractor onto a trailer when it flipped over, crushing him.

The victim's name isn't being released until an autopsy is done.

At this point, the Monroe County coroner said the death appears to be an accident.


  • drmom5

    Right after high school graduation in 1973, one of our classmates was attempting to pull a stump with a tractor. It flipped and he died.

  • Joe Schmoe

    What a sad way to go. You live your whole life and go out like that. What’s an 84 year old doing lifting a 500lb tractor alone?

    • MWM

      I was thinking the same as well as I am sure everyone else is! So sad! No one around to help him and he not realizing he shouldn’t be doing such a thing!

      • Guess Who

        He was my mother-in-law’s cousin and, according to her, never accepted help; he was very independent.

    • Todays Generation LAZY

      I will tell you what he was doing, probably doing it because today’s Generation is bunch LAZY texting Video Game Playing losers ! He probably could not find nobody to help him – They don’t wanna help an old guy ! So they let him do it himself and this is what happens !

      • Guess Who

        He’s my mother-in-law’s cousin. She says he was a wonderful man. As for what he was doing – it because he was very independent and never wanted anyone’s help. That being said, most of the family moved out of state decades ago but he never wanted to move from the home he lived in his whole life (birth on, from what I understand.)

    • JP

      I doubt he was lifting it, but more likely trying to drive it up ramps onto a trailer and slid off the ramp. Just seems more logical and can happen fairly quickly if not paying attention. But it is sad either way, and my sympathies to the family. If he was a vet, I hope he gets the funeral he deserves and full honors. They trully were the last great generation.

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