Father Captures Baby’s Delivery Outside Hospital with GoPro

(The birth begins at approximately 5 minutes)

HOUSTON, TX — It’s one child’s birth that the parents won’t soon forget, especially since the entire thing was caught on camera.

A man from Houston, Texas captured every detail of his son’s birth on a GoPro camera.  From the frantic drive to the hospital, to his wife’s delivery right outside the hospital doors.

Kristen Dickerson, the baby’s mother, can be heard screaming as they pulled up to the hospital, “His head is out. I’m not kidding, Oh God. Oh God.”

Her husband Troy encourages his wife to sit down, “You have to sit down. You have to sit down so I can catch him.”

Before getting inside the hospital and before medical personnel were on the scene, their son was born.

“I got him. I got him. I got him. He’s perfect,” Troy called out after catching their son.

Medical personnel arrived shortly after, finished the delivery process and determined the baby was in good health.

According to a  Houston Chronicle report, the couple named their son Truett. He is the couple’s third child.


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