Twister Confirmed In Bradford County, Cleanup Begins

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Cleanup is underway in parts of our area after Tuesday's severe storms

Thousands of homes and businesses are still without power.

National Weather Service officials confirmed a tornado hit part of Bradford County.

Investigators say the twister touched down near New Albany.

We found a mobile home along Marsh Road thrown off its foundation and a barn nearby destroyed by the whipping winds.

Another area hit hard by the storm was the back mountain in Luzerne County.

While the last of the storms moved out several hours ago the cleanup hasn't even started for some people.

The stormy sights captured by viewers at Harveys Lake Tuesday night left quite the clean-up job ahead for many homeowners, including those in back mountain.

In the Dallas area, a development off of Route 309 was walloped by the wild weather.

"It was the first storm we had here in a while that I actually told the wife to grab the baby and head to the basement and take shelter," said Mike Rowland. "You could literally see it coming up the road. Sheets of water and then whipping wind, all of the damage in the trees happened within the first three minutes of the storm. It hit that intense."

Across the street from the Rowlands is the home of Carol and Bill Norwig.

"This is never like this, all of this debris," said Carol Norwig.

The Norwigs are dealing with more than just a little debris and a power outage. Part of an oak tree, more than 100 years old, came crashing down in the backyard.

"It sounded like a loud roar, two crashes and I saw this tree come down. Huge rainstorm, just scary, it was the most frightening thing I've seen in a long time," said Bill Norwig.

"We've had some storms but nothing like this. This is just unbelievable," Carol Norwig added.

Not only toppled trees in the Dallas area, but also toppled tents at the Back Mountain Memorial Library. This place is gearing up for its annual auction. The odds and ends tent collapsed, but the thing that really surprised organizers when they showed up is that there's damage in one spot but just a few feet away, tables and chairs were not even touched.

"It's just odd how this thing came through. I'm not an expert but it's like some mini spinneroo came through right through here and made a left turn," said auction organizer Larry Long. "I have a tent over here where the whole front of the tent were glass items. They're all on the ground, but on the side, not one thing got knocked over."

Damage in the Dallas area seemed to be around almost every turn, including at a home along Machell Avenue off of Route 415. No matter how big the mess, there's one thing mostly every homeowner in this area can agree on.

"Luckily no one was hurt, especially with the downed power lines and the trees. We're really fortunate," said Mike Rowland.

The Back Mountain Memorial Library's auction is scheduled to run this Thursday through Sunday.

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