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Tornado Damage In Bradford County


The National Weather Service confirmed at least one tornado touched down in Bradford County while Sullivan County was also hit with a confirmed tornado.

There was also plenty of damage in Susquehanna County.

The National Weather Service said a tornado touched down near New Albany in Bradford County. A mobile home was thrown off its foundation and a nearby barn was destroyed.

Now those crews are trying to determine if that same twister or a different one hit Bradford and Sullivan County.

“I had an idea we were going to see some damage. But it’s pretty significant damage. It’s the most I’ve seen in quite a while, actually,” said National Weather Service official Dave Nicosia.

The National Weather Service told Newswatch 16 that they have to look at the trees to determine if it was a tornado or straight line winds that rolled in to Bradford County. But after looking at the trees, the National Weather Service says it was definitely a tornado.

“With tornadoes the air blows in and up in a swirling motion. So a lot of times you’ll see trees and debris kind of in a pattern coming together,” Nicosia said.

Sara and Skylar Manahan were in the basement of their home near the Sullivan County line in Dushore when the tornado hit.

“Some of it was scary, but happy because it didn’t hit our house,” said Skylar Manahan.

Others were not as lucky. A trailer in Cherry Township outside Dushore was lifted off concrete blocks, rolled over, and is now destroyed.

“It’s a different meaning during the daylight to see what actually took place,” said Sara Manahan.

The National Weather Service estimated a tornado spinning at about 120 Miles per hour rolled through the trailer on Elys Road.

“Tremendous damage, just very happy no one got hurt, no injuries or deaths here in PA.”

Many people in Bradford County and Sullivan County are still without power.

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