Tallying Damage and Waiting For Power at Harveys Lake

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HARVEYS LAKE -- Instead of jet skis or boat engines, the sound of chainsaws filled the air along Harveys Lake in Luzerne County Wednesday.

Powerful storms toppled trees, ripped down branches and utility lines Tuesday night. Power was knocked out to thousands.

"This one was just unbelievably fast, it was the closest thing to a tornado that I could imagine," said Olga Savage from the porch of her home overlooking the lake.

No power at Grotto Pizza along the lake meant a lot of work as crews emptied refrigerators and truck food and drinks to other Grotto Pizza restaurants in Luzerne County.

There is also the loss of revenue when the restaurant is closed.

"This is killing us, this time of year, lot of holiday people, people on vacation," said Grotto Pizza manager Anthony Benfatti.

Some who live in the area said they plan to stay with family and friends elsewhere until the power is restored.

Others have generators and are making do.

"The neighbor has a generator and we have power at work, so we're good that way," said Kurt Yuhas of Harveys Lake.

The Mulhern family porch was smashed after a huge pine tree came crashing down Tuesday. The couple were on that porch moments before it happened Tuesday night.

"It completely severed off our front porch, had anyone been seated on the porch at that time, it would have been either a loss of life or a loss of limb," said Pat Mulhern.

There may be a big mess to clean up and a wait while crews restore utilities, the fact that no one was seriously hurt is all that matters for people here.

"People have problems all across the area with the storms and we're included in that group but there was no one hurt, no injuries, and we just move on from here," said Mulhern.

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