Storm Damage And A Close Call in Columbia County

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MONTOUR TOWNSHIP -- The storm Tuesday night blew through Columbia County fast, but it left people near Bloomsburg with a big mess to clean up.

Fowlersville Road was closed because of this large tree blocking the roadway.

But perhaps the scariest thing to happen in Columbia County was to Vincent Abbatiello. He was looking out his window when he heard a crunch.

"Piece of tree limb comes right through the apartment, or right through the house and hit me in the forehead," Vincent said.

Abbatiello said the impact from the tree branch knocked him out.

"Next thing I knew I was laying on the floor," Vincent said.

Vincent was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with severe whiplash. His wife Sherri showed Newswatch 16 where the tree branch came through the roof of their kitchen. She says the two were outside when the bad weather started.

"All of a sudden the wind just started and we ran into the house and the rain, it started pouring in a matter of minutes," Sherri Abatiello said.

Sherri said a piece that went through the roof and hit her husband in the head. Even though he's in a lot of pain, she said he's really lucky.

"If it had been an inch or two further this way or he had been leaning further, it would have went right through his head. So I was saying my prayers last night and thanking God," Sherri said.

While Vincent is lucky to walk away with only severe whiplash from that incident, the family's house did not fare so well. There is a big hole in the ceiling and some water damage.


  • Solomon Grundy

    Did you ever take notice for some reason its always dirtbags that get injured / hurt and then they are aired on the news….Now I dont know this JAMOKE but he definitely looks to me to be a fine candidate for ACCESS and everything thats comes with it….It definitley appears he is playing the game like a seasoned pro…Come on people you can get something on the news better this clown….Cant Ya?

  • uncle stosh

    Now don’t go hating on this yokel. Between the smart phones, radio internet you can get the warning. He can even get one of them there wind up radios that get the weather service.

  • Scantron

    Aahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhaha. First of all, nice c-spine collar that’s not even applied properly. And secondly… Diagnosis: “severe” whiplash. Didn’t realize that was a medical condition. Why is this news? This window licker should be ashamed to show his face on the news. Or at least change the title to what actually happened: “Man got in a fight with tree and lost; sues weather.”

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