Stores Struggle To Keep Generators on Shelves After Storm

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LUZERNE COUNTY – While road closures and tangled power lines were easy to find in the Back Mountain and Sweet Valley areas, many people had trouble finding stores that had generators in supply.

“They’re all sold out of generators right now, but I kept going through and calling every Lowes I could find. Selinsgrove, Lehighton, Hazleton, all over,” said Denny Briggs. “I finally found one in Mount Pocono.”

Newswatch 16 stopped by Lowe’s Home Improvement in Edwardsville as a small shipment of generators came in Wednesday afternoon.

Ken Golightly was one of the lucky customers who was able to buy a generator without having to leave Luzerne County.

“My daughter had a tree fall down on her house. It put a hole in her roof, landed on her car and took out her gas lines and her power,” said Ken Golightly.

Workers are urging people to call stores and ask if generators are still in stock before they make the drive in.

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  • Bill Mottashed

    Many parts of the country have been suffering from power outages with this stormy start to Summer, and generators sell out quick in these situations. You can still find many online at You won’t have it immediately, but in the event of an extended blackout, you may have a few days with backup power, or be prepared for the next power outage.

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