Power Could Be Out For Days Near Huntington Mills

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HUNTINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Utility officials in Luzerne County said it could take several days before the power is back on for hundreds of homes, businesses, and farms.

The Back Mountain was hit hard. Crews are still trimming downed trees along Grandview Avenue in Dallas Township.

UGI said there are still 11,000 homes and businesses without power in Luzerne County.

To the west of the Back Mountain,  more roads were closed and even livestock killed in Tuesday night's storm.

UGI said 40 extra workers from other utility companies were called in to Luzerne County to help fix twisted electric lines hit by toppling trees like those along Route 239 near Huntington Mills.

The lights were out but the Huntington Mills Grocery Store was still open for a few hours. The owner of the only store in this rural community said he was told the power may not come back on until this weekend.

Without a generator, Mihir Patel says he knows that the refrigerated goods he could not move to another store will have to be tossed out.

"We already emptied out all of our coolers and freezers and stuff. We might get our power on Monday," Patel said.

Just over the line in eastern Columbia County, the Keeney family said that they found two dead cows in their pasture, which they believe were hit by lightning. And those dairy cows were not the only victims of this storm.

"The power line fell right in the pond. We were out taking PPL out to fix the one pole and saw all the fish in the pond dead. They were all belly up," said Dan Keeney.

Keeney said he's thankful that his farm near Benton was not damaged and his family and folks who help out on the farm were not hurt. The challenge now is figuring out how to make sure more than 100 cows are milked.

"They're supposed to get the power on right now. They cut a loop out so they can get just us power so we can milk and stuff and get everything done, but then they're going to shut it back off again."

Because there's no word on when the power will be restored in Dallas and throughout Luzerne County, UGI said it has set up a cooling station at the West Side Career and Technical Center cafeteria in Pringle. People can get water, ice, charge their cell phones, and shower there until 8 p.m. and it will reopen at 8 a.m. Thursday.

Power Outage Maps:
PPL Customers: https://www.pplelectric.com/my-account/outage-center/outage-map.aspx
UGI Customers:http://www.ugi.com/portal/page/portal/UGI/Outage_Center/Outage_Map
Penelec Customers: http://outages.firstenergycorp.com/pa.html



  • learn to get along

    My sweet Lord, those that call names (Twits???) have to justify that? I truly feel sorry for you. If you have the power why would it be necessary to make such disparaging remarks to people who are working around the clock and risking their lives in getting back power to so many? Those linemen, workers, etc., are working many, many hours for people that NEVER give a nice remark to anyone… and I don’t believe that people that simply said to get a generator are being smug, but simply do not wish to hear the complaints. One wrong move to those that are sleep deprived could end up with them being killed. All so that everyone that is entitled to everything are not inconvenienced once? Why should it matter who is first and who is not…my God, you are still alive and nothing happened to your home. Again, UGI and all the workers I THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DID

    • F4Jock

      Obviously you have problems with reading comprehension. I was calling the news READERS at WNEP (and those who write their copy) “Twits” (Definition- A silly, annoying person: Fool) as, given what they said in the subject newscast, they were obviously not up to date with what was really happening in parts of Luzerne County re the power outage, something they could have found out by simply visiting UGI’s website. Once again, (And I’ll type this SLOWLY so you can better comprehend.) I was NOT complaining about the work ethic of the “linemen, workers etc.” I’ve been out there in the field doing analogous work in all kinds of weather and I know and respect what they go through. Moreover, they only go where they are to told to go and repair what they are told to repair. My comments were thus directed toward the priorities of UGI’s MANAGEMENT, a fact I clearly stated! As to your comments, if one doesn’t wish to “hear complaints” then don’t participate in an open forum. Not everyone is willing to be a good little sheeple and go along with the herd. I also recommend that you listen a bit more critically to WNEP or for that matter, ANY news program you may watch. The “most watched” news readers in the area make consistent and glaring factual errors which shows me that they are robotically reading what is put in front of them (If they kept up on things themselves they’d know enough to correct those errors.) and that the research upon which they base their “News” is sometimes sorely lacking. What is most disturbing is the way this “News” is unquestioningly believed by those watching it. When is the last time YOU did a bit of research to verify that what you’ve heard is fact, not only about the “news” but about politicians, world affairs, business, anything at all? Or is your attitude “I saw it on TV (or I heard it from so-and-so, or this person is from MY political party.) so it MUST be true!”

      • learn to get along

        Again, I am sorry for you… you proved the point. I don’t follow the news or anyone, but thank you so much for your kind words and not to worry, no thumbs down from me ever.

      • F4Jock

        Thanks but save your sympathy for those who want and need it. Lord knows there are plenty out there. And if you don’t follow news what are you doing here? As for thumbs down, I really don’t care who says or does what. You know what they say about opinions . . .

        Have a sparkling day!

    • F4Jock

      Never said that I was blaming the workers, linemen and women, it’s UGI’s priorities I question. I’d like just ONCE for their management to put us first out here. We pay for our electricity too! And F.Y.I. my smug friends, I have had a fully automatic transfer 17.6 KV generator that runs my whole house for over 20 years! I’m out of power for about thirty seconds. Have a sparkling day!

  • Carol Olejnik

    UGI AND those who volunteer to HELP the whiners of the world, thank you so much for what you do on your time and overtime away from your family and thank you for getting power back to us .. I do understand how many were affected.. and I also understand that it is not the end of the world when unexpected urgencies arise. We should all stand together, help those that we can and stop the complaining!!!

  • Carol Olejnik

    I for one, would like to express my appreciation to all the UGI workers and emergency volunteers who worked so hard and so long to restore power. We may have been without power for almost 40 hours, but the magnitude of the storm was tremendous. To all you who are complaining, why not stop and thank the stars that you were not injured and nothing more than your power was out. Instead of always complaining, take time to understand that the workers have families also.. and they are working extra hours and doing work that you or I would never imagine. What a spoiled lot of people we are… without power and we whine. OMG, I would hate to have seen what those who carp so much would have done in the olden days. But then again, they are the most important people, and dang it all to heck.. they NEED THEIR DEMANDS MET… Buy a generator and use it, thank God or whomever you believe in that you are still alive and kicking and stop berating everyone and everything for your inconvenience.

  • F4Jock

    Power already HAS been out for days you Twits, but at least about half has been restored there! How about Fairmount Twp.? 767 still out and NO progress – per usual! Fairmount is always the LAST to be taken care of. Thanks loads UGI and WNEP.

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