Pharmacist in Trouble for Illegal Drugs

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TOBYHANNA - A pharmacist from Monroe County has been sentenced for illegally filling prescriptions for painkillers.

Frank Mordente of Tobyhanna was received a sentence of one to two years in prison.

Mordente was arrested last year after police found several bags of prescription drugs inside his vehicle during a traffic stop.

He worked for a CVS in Mountainhome.


  • Me

    What a waste. Did he actually think he WASNT going to get caught. See what painkillers do to ya ?

    They don’t kill the pain. They kill your brain !!!
    Prescription drugs should be outlawed and marijuana made legal !!!!!

    • MWM

      Whotta crock of crack! Thumbs down on comments that this guy is less than a shining beacon of the community; guess some people thinks he deserves a gold star for being so clever. Not so clever, he got busted of course!

  • DanTheHobbit

    This is surprising. I worked with him a few years back, and he exuded professionalism and kindness.

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