Northumberland County Cleaning Up After Severe Storm

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Northumberland County was among the seven counties under a tornado warning Tuesday night.

While no twisters were reported there, many said today the winds felt strong enough to form one.

Video sent into Newswatch 16 shows just how intense the wind gusts were here in Montandon, a small community near Lewisburg.

The severe storm put Northumberland County under a tornado warning for much of Tuesday evening.

A day later, an old dog cage and shed were damaged during that storm.

Bob Mincemoyer of Montandon said the storm was "impressive," for lack of a better word.

“I’ve never seen trees bend that far and come back up,” said Mincemoyer. “I've never seen winds like that and I rode hurricanes out at sea but man this was unbelievable.”

Over in neighboring Milton, a car's windshield was punctured after a tree came crashing down on top.

“There`' a branch that went right down through where the windshield seals across the bottom and splintered the windshield up across so that's the extent of it, a couple dents in the hood,” said Mike Walter, whose wife owns that car.

At The Fence Drive-in Diner, it's back to business as usual.

The dinner service the night before was cut short by the storm after winds knocked a large tree against the outdoor picnic area.

“I didn't hear it because the other trees caught it so it wasn't too bad,” said manager Brittany Reber. “We had some pretty intense lightning that hit pretty close so.”

Just outside Milton, the clean-up seems never ending for Terry Larson who owns a property in Turbot Township.

A huge tree was uprooted and took part of this shed with it.  He was spending most of the day breaking it down with a chain saw.

“Tree was down, picked up part of the shed, then I got another call later that more trees were down throughout the whole property,” said Larson. “It will take me a couple of days to clear it all out.”

According to the Northumberland County 911 Center, aside from downed trees and some property damage, there were no major problems reported.