No Power Expected for Several Days

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KINGSLEY -- Folks in one part of Susquehanna County said it happened in an instant.

The storm brought whipping winds and torrential rains as it ripped through Kingsley and left this mess in its tracks.

Pam Titus and her husband were eating dinner in their gazebo when this hundred foot pine tree came crashing down right next to them.

"The next thing we know is the tree is laying down next to us not more than six feet away, " said Titus.

Right across the road, at an apartment building over a post office, one man was inside when the high winds came barreling through and ripped off the building's canopy.

"The damage is astronomical it's going to take them a long time to clean up all the trees that are over there," said Lou Raub of Kingsley.
Time is not necessarily on the utility company, Penelec's, side. The company's website is reporting dozens of customers across Susquehanna County will be out of power until Friday at the earliest.  Folks told Newswatch 16 they've been told seven to ten days.

Red Cross officials were in Kingsley and went door-to-door making sure people have food water and ice.  They said they will be there as long as people need their help.

"That's the most devastating part of this. Their homes are ruined, their cars are lost just the time that it takes to rebuild the property sometimes it's nice to have someone there to lean on," said Jeffrey Banks from the Red Cross.

"Were going to be here for as long as it takes people to recover from this. There is no time frame that is set right now just depends on how long it takes to help community get up and running," said Banks

Meanwhile some folks say they'll make the best of the situation and are glad the temperatures hae been mild.

"Well it helps and I'll tell you, you sure don't want it to go out during winter because you would freeze, " said Titus.

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