Woman Dead after Car Crash in Union County

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KELLY TOWNSHIP — A Snyder County woman was killed in a car crash in Union County.

State police said Tabitha Aikey, 22, died when her car hit a utility pole on a back road near Milton early Tuesday morning.

According to authorities, after hitting the utility pole, the car hit a tree and then the front porch of a house.

Officials said Aikey was killed when she hit the tree.

According to troopers, she was not wearing a seat belt in the crash in Union County.


    • Shawn

      Bob I don’t know your exact knowledge of this and don’t really care. She was a nice, kind hearted human being who was good to everyone. She was a friend of mine and I miss her. We shouldn’t let the cause over shadow the great person she was.

  • cas

    I don’t know why people have to throw out assumptions. This is a class mate, fellow graduate, friend. Who died in a car accident. That’s the point. Someone lost their life. The comments should be prayers or condolences. Not judgments or assumptions. Family and friends lost someone who was beautiful and smart and need all the love they can get.

    • Shawn

      I agree with you CAS. She was my friend and why or how doesn’t matter. I lost my buddy that day.

  • MWM

    So tragic! So young! Please wear your seat belts people! It might save your life! So sorry to the family.

  • Chris

    Please report the correct information. She hit a pole then a tree and then a porch of the home at 314 Jpm road Lewisburg

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