Troopers: Woman Hit, Killed after Sitting in the Road

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CUMMINGS TOWNSHIP — A woman is dead after a pedestrian accident in Lycoming County.

According to officials, the accident happened on Little Pine Creek Road near Jersey Shore around 11:00p.m. on Monday.

Troopers told Newswatch 16 a woman from Texas was sitting in the road when she was hit and killed.

Officers have not said if the driver will face any charges in Lycoming County.


  • In Waterville

    Several locals were at the establishment/restaurant and I’m sure are conversing with the police about what they witnessed as far as her level of intoxication. In Pennsylvania, if alcohol is a factor in a death, there are legal implications and the family can file a lawsuit for up to two years after the incident. There is a lot for her family and loved ones to discuss in regard to the path they choose to take after this terrible accident.

    • Loved One

      I will have to strongly support this statement. Bar owners and bartenders have to make a judgement calls when to stop serving ETOH. In this case a .30 BAC, and killed in front of the bar, does not look good. The Bars parking n lot runs into the street. Go figure this…

  • Loved One

    I am somewhat shocked in many of these post. I knewTheresa longer than most on this thread. The reality is one young women has died, and one young women has to live with the visual and pain of running into to her. It does not matter how and why, all that matters is for everyone to start healing and praying for the people who was impacted by this unfortunate accident. What ever story that plays in your head make it a good one, facts are limited in cases as this. The only facts are a young women got hit by a car, did not survive and ETOH was found in her system. Most likely ETOH was a factor in this accident and many others in our society. If you are a love one, remember you do not ever have to defend your truth. Just find forgiveness for others. I believe Theresa did work at the Resturant for a few days. My prayers do go out to Caitlin, Mike, Larry and the young lady who hit Theresa.

  • Kimberly H

    Theresa was one of my best friends in high school.I wish I would have kept in touch with her. The last time I spoke to her, 3 years ago, she talked about the wonderful man she shared her life with in Florida, and of her awesome children she loved dearly. She was an incredibly beautiful person inside and out. Regardless of how or why this tragic incident occurred, the world lost a special lady. My heart goes out to her family and friends. We all have a special angel now!!!

  • Cy Hall

    Can anyone tell me if Theresa had worked as waitress at Happy Acres Restaurant. My boyfriend and I rented a cabin and ate at the restaurant. Our waitress was a sweet woman and told us she was from Texas. We feel terrible about the tragedy whether or not this was our waitress. Our deepest sympathy to Mike and to Theresa’s children.

  • MWM

    My apologies for being insensitive to this woman’s family and friends. It is a very sad thing and if the only word had that she was actually sitting in the middle of the road was that of the driver who hit her as related to the state troopers that she was “sitting in the middle of the road,” how can they be sure that is true? Did the state troopers see her sitting there?

    • MIKE

      Apology Accepted, her children are on this site. She is quite probably the most wonderful person I will ever know or have Known. Everyone PLEASE show some moral decency.
      Thank you,
      She was to be my Wife and I’m proud to say it to the world.

  • Caitlin

    She was my mom. What if this was your mom? How would you feel about the comments on here? She was a wonderful Christian lady. She was a loving and caring person. I do not understand how people could be so hateful as to post these comments. She never did anything to hurt you. She never did anything to hurt anyone.

    • Beth

      Caitlin, I’m so sorry for your loss. Is any further investigation going into this? It doesn’t sound right…

    • MIKE

      Just try to Ignore the totally insensitive comments from this class of people. all we can do is pray for them that they find Christ and forgive them, for they know not what they do. I know what i’m doing, calling them out and accepting apologies
      when appropriate.

  • T.G.

    She was a beautiful person, loving mother, devoted daughter, friend and sister. I hope this gets investigated fully, she would never just “sit” in the middle of a road. Mike, she loved you so much. Hang in there and don’t put any thought into simple minded, thoughtless post on this site. We know how magnificent she was, thats all that matters.

    • DMS58

      Intoxicated woman killed sitting in middle of country road
      July 9, 2014
      dsp Williamsport Sun-Gazette
      Save |
      WATERVILLE – A heavily-intoxicated woman was killed late Monday night when she was struck by an SUV while she was sitting in the middle of Little Pine Creek Road, just north of Boone Road, according to state police.

      Theresa R. Craft, 45, of Schulenburg, Texas, was pronounced dead at the scene following the 11:05 p.m. accident, Chief Deputy Coroner Jerold Ross said.

      Craft died of multiple blunt-force trauma injuries she suffered when she was struck by a southbound Dodge Grand Caravan driven by Tamala A. Cornelius, of Linden.

      Craft and her boyfriend both work for the natural gas industry and were renting a cabin at the nearby Happy Acres Resort, County Coroner Charles E. Kiessling Jr. said.

      The woman’s medical blood-alcohol level was .30, Kiessling said.

      Investigators said Cornelius was traveling under the speed limit but never saw the woman until it was too late to stop.

      Investigators have no idea why she was in the middle of the road, but here were reports that she was looking for her cellphone.

      Police would like to locate the cellphone. Anyone who finds one in the area is asked to call the Montoursville barracks.

      • mike lyles

        I am Theresa Renee Crafts Boyfriend of 8 years and we were planing on marriage this Fall. Her Friend Larry was not her Boyfriend. I am her boyfriend and have 37 acres of high value real estate under lease and several small Buisness I operate with my father.
        More than glad to provide more information on this matter. Her address is in Ocala, Fl 34470!

        Sent from my iPhone


      • DMS58

        Mike, I don’t know about Larry and it doesn’t really matter. You shouldn’t be looking at this discussion board nor should Theresa’s family or friends. All you’re going to do is upset yourself even more. You’re way too close to this. Do yourself a favor and lose this site. My sympathies to you for your tragic loss.

  • MIKE

    She was my future wife, she was probably tying here shoe, a mother of 2, and a true Christian Lady. Me Id like to mop u all up with your own parking lots. insensitive YANKEE ASSHOLES

    • Burtfan

      You’re right and I apologize. Sometimes when you start arguing on these boards, especially about a story like this, you lose sight of the fact that there has been a loss of life and that family and friends are left behind in sadness and grief. My condolences to you and your fiancee’s family.

    • Caitlin

      Mike, I don’t know why people would write these things if they knew that her children would possibly read them. I am disgusted with this.
      She loved you, and she loved me. And arguing with people on here isn’t going to change anything.

  • N. Nicky

    Ms. Craft was an athlete and loved to jog in the morning and at night. I also, find it very hard to believe she was sitting in the middle of the road. Ms. Craft was full of life, she was a mother, friend, sister and wife- and very excited to be alive. Threasa was a beautiful person that was taken from us way to early. It could be possible laws should be in place that should prohibit drivers from being distracted while driving. Such as, talking of the phone, texting eating or putting make-up on. It appears that a lot of comments are one sided. It could also be possible no one was sitting in the road and the driver fabricated the story. The driver should of seen her… Regardless, she wasn’t paying attention and now a person has been killed. People really should pay more attention when their driving and slow down…

    • Burtfan

      You’re right people should pay more attention and slow down, especially at 11pm at night because that’s when the humans start sitting in the middle of the road. Don’t you dare try to blame the driver for this.

      • N. Nicky

        pedestrians have the right of way, drivers have a responsibility to be aware of their surroundings so this type of thing doesn’t happen.

      • Burtfan

        I’ll tell you what N Nicky, walk down the middle of a street at night in a rural area and exercise your “right of way”, let me know how it works out for you. Where’s your common sense?

      • MIKE

        You Narcissistic Prick, IM MIKE LYLES and IVE seen her navigate to bimini scuba on mix to 300 catch fish you’ve never he

      • MWM

        You have a valid point, a people just don’t want to fess up to reality, this is how deer get hit at night! You cannot bloody see anything in the dark and if it was a road where the speed limit is over 25, whatever you hit is probably not gonna survive! What was the speed limit on that road?

  • john tedder

    Theresa craft was a very dear friend of mine. I found out early this morning from ocala florida. She was full of life and I find it hard to believe she was sitting in the road. Not her style. I will miss her always.

  • Burtfan

    Another winner of the Darwin Award. The thing that stinks is that the driver of the car has to live with it forever. He had better not be charged for this.

  • MWM

    Clearly Kevin’s law isn’t an issue here because the driver didn’t run and clearly this woman wanted what was coming. So sad.

  • Everyone

    Unsure wether he will face charges, bet yet still to hear if there were any charges being brought against officer Homanko for killing a beloved woman & injuring her husband. I guess we will continue to wait for some based on who they are, but quickly know on others who aren’t above the law. Hmm. Questions I can’t wait to be answered. In time…I suppose.

  • Cynic

    ”…from Texas”. It’s a good thing Texas is so big. There’s a lot of stupid to contain.

    I’m all for building a border fence….. All around Texas!

    • I am awake

      She probably was sitting out there because all the illegals being bussed and planed on our tax dollar anywhere in the USA, is going to bring USA to a third world living status. Treason at the highest level by our leadership. Lot more sucides and crime to come. Hey everyone lets vote again lmao…

      • I am awake

        Allenemisforeignanddomestic. Com Matthew bracken read his books youll have a clearer picture of the truth

      • Cynic

        Oh, don’t go getting all Rush Limbaugh on me. Politics aside, there’s a lot of crazy in that state, and, it seems, a fair amount in our state as well.

    • MIKE

      I am not from The GREAT STATE of Texas but I am from FL, I’ve traveled all over this country and abroad and Texans, I have found to be some of the friendliest People I’ve Met. The Lady that was killed was my future wife, She was not STUPID! I AM MIKE, and you should apologize to the Children of this wonderful giving CHRISTIAN LADY. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ASK, ILL BE HAPPY TO TEACH YOU SOME HUMILITY, I LOVE THIS PERSON AND YOUR IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE FOR HURTING PEOPLE! THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE SUFFERING!
      Now, an apology is in order pencildick!

    • shagtastique

      You don’t really know what Kevin’s Law is about, do you? You’re from Northeast Pa, aren’t you? I’m not surprised.

  • Sam

    Will WNEP be doing a follow up report on the 91 year old pedestrian who was struck and killed by the 85v year old driver a few weeks ago in Scranton? Was the driver charged? Did he have a medical condition that caused the accident?

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