Possible Tornado Touch Down In Bradford County

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The Bradford County Emergency Management Director says he believes a small tornado touched down at a home Tuesday evening, however he says official word will have to come from the National Weather Service.

A severe storm blew through along Marsh Road in Albany Township near New Albany, leaving damage around the outside of a home there.

The homeowners were inside their main house when heavy winds pushed a trailer right off its foundation then toppled their barn across the street.

The homeowners say the trailer was used for storage and they were uninjured.

Steve Grazitis says he is a trained tornado spotter and was on scene afterwards investigating for the National Weather Service.

He also believes this was a tornado.

The county’s EMA director says members of the National Weather Service are expected to be at house sometime Wednesday.



    He “believes” a small tornado touched down, seriously? What about the one outside of Overton, it destroyed part of a farm and multiple homes along its path? WNEP is such a joke, they should stick with covering water main breaks and reporting crime.

  • Robert Algar Jr

    Who is this “tornado” idiot? A “trained spotter” is not an official from the NWS. All the damage shown is in one direction, indicative of straight line wind. Even an EF-0 tornado, would create a circular debris area.

  • crackers81

    I’d like to thank WNEP for staying on the air through this and keeping people well informed during this event. We’ve had our share of rough weather through the years but this was some of the worst of it for a few spots in the state. That voice on the television makes a huge difference when you’re in your storm shelter, preparing for the worst. Truly exemplary work, everyone.

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