Police Confirm Shooting Involving Sunbury Acting Police Chief

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UPPER AUGUSTA TOWNSHIP — State police are not releasing much information. Investigators confirm acting Sunbury Police Chief Brad Hare shot a man once on Tuesday morning, on Mile Post Road near Sunbury.

State police and Sunbury police officers were at the intersection of Mile Post Road and Shikellamy Road in Upper Augusta Township for most of the day.

Authorities confirm this is where a man was shot by acting Sunbury Police Chief Brad Hare.

State police say it all started around 9:30 a.m. when Sunbury police were investigating an incident in the city. They’re not saying what that incident involved.

“Later on in the morning, there was a report that the suspect they were looking for was seen walking up Mile Post (Hill) Road,” said Trooper Mark Reasner

According to authorities, Hare tried to arrest the suspect on Mile Post Road outside Sunbury. Troopers say the suspect threatened Hare with a knife. Hare then tried to use his stun gun on the man but was unsuccessful, so he shot him once.

Troopers say the suspect was taken to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville but are not commenting on the man’s condition. State police will only say the man is currently being treated at the hospital.

Acting Sunbury Police Chief Brad Hare was not hurt but Mayor David Persing confirms he named Sergeant Chris Blaise as the acting police chief while today’s incident is being investigated.


  • Latisha

    There are TWO sides to every story! We have only heard one side…….and may not even get to hear the other. Lets hope the police car had a camera watching, like they all should. then there is no hear say, only facts. Id love to believe that this office did right and was really in danger and had NO OTHER OPTION, however, usually this is not the case. only time will tell. Hopefully this man lives and can tell his side of the incident.

  • cuzzin_keoks

    22yr old beat on his 67yr old grandmother. taser was tried, did not work. gotta react with force to a crazed dude with a knife.

  • mdog

    Bobby Buttbean it was just another tricky day for you son.
    Move onward and shine on your crazy diamond.

  • Warlock

    Where in the tweets (it’s not even an article at the time of this posting) does it say anyone was KILLED?

    I see an awful lot of talk about someone being KILLED but all I see in the headline and tweets is that someone got SHOT. That doesn’t mean they’re DEAD.


      • Warlock

        “Troopers say the suspect was taken to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville but are not commenting on the man’s condition. State police will only say the man is currently being treated at the hospital.”

        That’s from the updated article.

        STILL no mention of anyone DYING.

      • fred

        Bubby. He is not dead. The daily item ASSumed he died but they never confirmed it. He’s alive at gmc

    • Eric

      I’m with ya there. Shamokin is just as bad as Scumbury. The under 40 crowd are just drug addicts and dirty losers.

      • AJB

        I’m 25 and live in Shamokin, grew up in Mount Carmel. I also save people’s lives for a living..did you ever hear that saying “Better to remain silent and be though a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt”?

    • dan

      chicago? that is way to far from home to be scary….. anybody seen whats been going on around williamsport?

    • crackers81

      It’s the entire midstate. We live in a very poor region and our state government has done NOTHING to make this part of the common wealth attractive to either commerce or industry since the Clinton administration. A look at the finances will tell you even the financial golden ages of the 80’s and early 90’s largely bypassed central Pennsylvania. With the type of growing poverty we are experiencing, is it any wonder people are turning to desperate measures?

      Crime and economics are very close bedfellows. Hold your representatives accountable for this tragedy. Make it a ballot issue. Give these poor people something to lose and maybe they’ll stop behaving as though they have nothing.

    • bubby butterbean

      Finally someone with a brain every cop is issued a taser where was that officers like shamrock said they can be pulled and used just as fast as a gun

      • STTS

        For you assholes who don’t follow the actual police telling what happened and just listen to the rumors. He used his taser and it was unsuccessful. He then followed action by pulling his gun. Just because it’s in the article doesn’t mean it didn’t happen

      • STTS

        I’m sorry I meant, just because it’s not in the article doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  • guest

    I must have missed the part in both my police academies where they taught how to take weapons away from people. Not to correct anyone sticking up for the officer but we aren’t trained to shoot to kill. We are trained to shoot and stop the threat. Which still doesn’t involve aiming for arms and legs.

    • Joe

      Glad to see the chief is OK. Lesson for today: DON’T TRY TO STAB A POLICE OFFICER AND YOU WON’T GET SHOT.

    • jimmy

      so what part of the act 120 did you sleep through, obviously the hands on portion when qualifying at the shooting range. Last time I checked on the targets you don’t accumulate hardly any points for arms and legs, its center mast, I highly doubt you broke a score of 50 with your mentality….wouldn’t want you working the beat in my area, god for bid, I would be dead before you did anything legitimate to protect someone!

    • jimmy

      what are you an f’n idiot!!! Seriously what is wrong with you people. Somebody threatens severe or life threatening injuries….. and ooo…according to this moron…..oooo lets talk to him, why don’t we feed him, pet him and say awwww….mister…please put down the knife…you must be the dumbest person out here, I hope you don’t have any kids because you will just keep that “moron” jean pool freshly swimming. Lets see how you react in a “fight or flight” situation

      • That guy from Scranton

        Jimmy, BUBBY BUTTERBEAN must mean he smack a guy holding a butter knife at the rescuse mission annual turkey dinner lol because if I ever went at him with a knife….you would be hurting

      • bubby butterbean

        That guy from Scranton I’d smack the taste out your mouth like I did fifteen years ago to that other half wit douche

      • that guy from Scranton

        bubby butterbean, I’ll bet you are an obese fat butt with tribal tattoos that thinks he’s the king of the trailer park because he gets the most cash assistance because of all his psychological disabilities and bad life decisions he made with the local police department.

  • joe

    That’s messed up he killed this guy my ex stabbed me and it didn’t even hurt sure I got some staples but its not like she deserved to die for it.. Plus what if I shot her would I be off the hook?

  • Tired of the violence

    This isn’t the movies. Police officers are NOT trained to shoot and maim. They are trained to shoot at “center mass”. That simply means “shoot to kill”. I fully support the police. If you make a decision to raise a deadly weapon at a police officer, then be prepared for the officer to raise his weapon in response. Seems reasonable to me.

    • bubby butterbean

      Maybe you need to read the post from guest who seems to be an officer of the law who states police are not trained to kill but to shoot and stop the threat

      • crackers81

        Yes but then people would have to acknowledge that life isn’t black and white like their pastor tells them it is and actually have to put some genuine thought into their behaviors and the ramifications they have on their community. See, it’s far easier to just give in to a police state mentality where cops can shoot you for virtually no reason and suffer no consequences. It happens every day in this nation.

        I have no problem with an officer using lethal force if it is required to protect themselves. But that said, the aura of laziness that has fallen on law enforcement in the last decade is beyond slothish. We have officers so fat they couldn’t chase their donut. We have poor retraining standards. We have a cult culture surrounding police that give them social clout to pretty much behave as mini dictators with the general public applauding their gestapo.

        This is symptomatic of a very sick society.

  • STTS

    I know Brad very well and I hope to god it was in self defense but you are all making up stories no one knows the half of. You know 4 small details, Mr. Hare was involved, someone was shot, that person had a knife and threatened Mr. Hare with the knife and the person who was shot died. You have no clue, whatsoever, could have taken place! And for you to accuse someone who does nothing but help this city and do his job of maliciously killing someone is ridiculous. If my life was threatened, I would have done the same thing. Open your eyes and put yourself in his shoes. His actions saved his life, and possibly the lives of others. His actions are hands down justified!

    • bubby butterbean

      Really stts where the hell was his taser he didn’t need to kill that man justifiable my a**

    • Warlock

      AGAIN, where does the article state someone DIED? Where the héll are you people getting this info?

  • Tim

    Sunbury has turned in to a toilet. The hobby of choice for 15-40 years olds in that town is coke and heroin.

  • Wayne Batchelder

    It’s easy to stand in judgement when something like this happens. I can tell you first hand that when you are faced with a threat like that, it is a matter of survival. Sure he could have tried to wound him but there is no way to know for sure if he would have effectively wounded him and ended the attack. Men in that state of mind are almost unstoppable and it could have cost the officer his life. He did the only thing he could have and brought it to a sure end. Keep in mind that the officer will still have to live with the outcome for the rest of his life, but at least he saved his own life and possibly the lives of others had he incapacitated the officer. The attacker made his choice. The officer did the right thing!

  • bubby butterbean

    The 2 people in the car offered me a ride home at 11pm who declines when you have miles to walk they were released I was detained against my will! Need I add the car was pulled over because the tint on the driver window and passenger window were too dark! I was in the back seat what crime did I commit to deserve that treatment?

    • Nerd Bomber

      Sounds like a Lifetime movie to me there Bubby Butterbean. Ninja stars, miles to walk, all you need is a psychopath killer and you could make millions.

      • bubby butterbean

        I live six miles outside of Sunbury and the walk isn’t cool that late at night when the roads don’t have street lights in the country! I was trying to make sure I was safe and not get killed by someone flying down the road that didn’t see me until it was too late

      • Joe

        Bubby, just how many DUI’s do you need before you find yourself on a dark road outside of Sunbury? I wonder why you have a bad attitude about cops, maybe a few have held you accountable before?

  • Nerd Bomber

    As a taxpayer I would rather pay for the ammunition and have him killed than pay for his food, healthcare, etc. while he sits in jail.

  • K. R. F.

    When it is fear of your life or retreat to the wall. Shoot to end the confrontation.
    definately justified!

  • bubby butterbean

    did he really have to shoot and kill that man? He couldn’t have shot him in the arm to relieve the man of his weapon? I understand the man tried to stab him but to kill the man that’s excessive if you ask me

      • bubby butterbean

        I’m dumb? Just a little over a month ago I was ripped out of the back of a car while the driver and passenger had warrants I was slammed off the car and handcuffed by the Sunbury police and illegally searched violating my fourth amendment right! They are abusing their power and it needs to stop

      • LJK

        BUBBY, maybe you need to find some better friends…or tell the rest of the story of how you were probably resisting arrest.

      • bubby butterbean

        Lgk I wasn’t under arrest so how did I resist? I was pulled out of a car at a traffic stop mind you the back seat at that what crime did I commit that I needed ripped out of the car and slammed off of it and was released to go home 20 minutes later without being arraigned or anything

    • Marty

      The suspect chose to try and take someone’s life. It wasn’t his to take and the consequence of his action was that he lost his own life.

      • bubby butterbean

        The police are trained how to relieve someone of a weapon without killing! You really believe that killing him is justifiable because he had a knife? I was told when I was eighteen after a kid pulled a knife and throwing star on me officer Rick longenberger told me I should have turned my back to him and walk away Brad hare couldn’t do the same?I was charged for hitting the guy when he swung the knife at me! Your telling me I could have killed him because he threatened my life? Milarky bro I would be doing life in prison for the same thing that cop did

    • Robert Derk

      It is only in movies or TV that police try to shoot a weapon out of someone’s hand. If they feel they need to pull their firearm they are trained to shoot to kill. Wake up Bubby if someone came after you with a knife and you had a gun what would you do??

      • bubby butterbean

        Like I just posted it already happened to me and I was charged with simple assault for smacking the guy in the mouth one time! I didn’t kill him! You want to ask the guy yourself his name is kevin lynn

      • bubby butterbean

        I didn’t say shoot it out of his hand! He could have shot him in the arm not use deadly force

    • CP

      Bubby, Two other people in the car had warrants. I’d say you need to associate with different people. You are alone on little island here bud.

    • Chad

      Are you kidding me? You wonder why he didnt shoot the perp in the arm or something because you believe shooting to kill was excessive? Let me ask you oh bright one! Do you really think the perp would have only stabbed him to hurt him or is there a chance that the perp would have stabbed to kill? I know, if I was approached by someone trying to stab me, I would be returning a hole in the chest. Why wait to see if the perp is a “Nice” stabber or a “bad” stabber! I can only imagine what you would have done. LOL!

      • crackers81

        If an officer cannot be counted on to diffuse a situation, then exactly what use is that individual for the purposes of law enforcement? This isn’t Judge Dredd. I know life is not simple and perhaps lethal force was warranted in this instance, we’ll see when the full details are out. But a police force that sees lethal force as its go-to tactic for handling a situation is a national shame. It’s lazy, incompetent, slothenly. With cops like that who needs criminals?

    • Eric

      Most of the police officers in Northumberland County never drew their guns in their lives. When they finally have to, they don’t know how to handle the situation in front of them. You can train these police offers all you want. It still doesn’t prepare them for the actually situation.

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