Attempted Bank Robberies, Bomb Scares

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY—PNC Bank in Throop was closed for a time Tuesday afternon, signs taped to the doors, as police investigated an attempted robbery and bomb threat.

They said someone called the bank, demanded that money be put outside or else, the place would be blown up.

“Oh God, it’s terrible. I’m here, we’re here 30 years. We’ve never heard of anything like this. People have no jobs, probably I don’t know. Bored, don’t know what to do with themselves,” said Beatrice Swingle of Mayfield.

Police said bank workers did not hand over any money. Soon, the place was cleared to be opened again.

Hours earlier, police said the same thing happened at NBT Bank of Mayfield.

Investigators said someone called, demanded money be put near the railroad tracks behind the bank or else, the place would be bombed.

“Scaring people, from stores and whatever. It’s terrible,” said Doris Staples, who lives near the bank and saw police swarm the place.

Police throughout Lackawanna County said a reported robbery and bomb threat was called into a bank in Scranton, too.

Newswatch 16 found Citizens Savings Bank in the city’s West Side closed with an emergency sign taped to the door.

This comes one day after a bomb threat at Gerrity’s on Meadow Avenue in Scranton.

Police said someone threatened to blow the place up if the manager did not hand over money.

“Oh, lifetime in jail, I wouldn’t let them go,” said Swingle.


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    I blame the politicians of this state and the dummies who voted them in.

    Thanks ! You might be the next one robbed at gunpoint. Idiots.

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