Man Dead after ATV Accident in Hazleton


HAZLETON — An ATV accident on the streets of Hazleton turned deadly.

Police said a man died after he hit a parked SUV on Carleton Avenue around 9 p.m. on Saturday.

The Luzerne County coroner identified the victim as Howard Pfeiffer, 47, Hazleton.

Hazleton police have said what caused this deadly crash.


  • jake

    Atvs are too heavy an more. They are going between 400-600lbs and if they come at you, during a rollover, it’s very dangerous. In past years, they used to be 200-300lb and if they fell on you, you’d just kick it a bit and it was a non factor. They are just too big and heavy.

  • Sick of it

    Same in our small coal town. One family in particular is always with the ATVs. Even their kid who is seven riding without a helmet with the two year old sitting on the front of it. It is disgusting , noisy and just plain annoying. Usually Sunday is quad day for us outside of McAdoo. I know the police have greater things to worry about so I really can’t fault them.

  • artemis133

    :Hazleton police have said what caused this deadly crash.”
    They have said? What caused it then?

      • artemis133

        That’s my question. From what I’ve heard, alcohol was involved. I live a street over from where this happened, on the same block. There is a perpetual problem with atv riders riding the streets and local highways, eluding police, and causing dangerous conditions for pedestrians, drivers, and motorcycle riders. I ride a motorcycle, and I have to be cautious all the time around here, and stop at intersections that have no stop signs because of these people who insist on breaking the law. I feel for the family, but this accident was not entirely unexpected around here, considering the complete disregard of laws and regulations concerning off-road vehicles on the streets. But I believe the sentence should have read “Hazleton police have *NOT* said what caused this deadly crash.”

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