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Susquehanna River Bowfishing

We’ll take you to Drop Tine Archery outside of Allenwood to take a look at their line of bowfishing equipment.  Then we’ll hit the Susquehanna River in Lycoming County with River Rat Outfitters in an attempt to boat some bottom feeders with the bow.


  • Chris Wonsonski

    Most bowfisherman use carp for fertilizer or throw them in the woods. This is a negative image that your promoting for our sport. Plus encouraging illegal use of lights. Yes I am a carp fisherman. Bowfishing destroys trophy carp waters by elminating the large fish. By doing that only small fish are present and lakes become over populated with small carp. With keeping the population in check excuse, mother nature does that with the rivers flooding every year. Any questions or concerns on my opinion please feel free to contact me on facebook. Carp fishing is my life and this is a slap to the face.

    I had this on facebook just wanna make sure this on here too.

  • Solomon Grundy

    I watched this segement and after viewing it I do not agree with this sport what so ever….Again this is my opinion….and others are entitled to their own…Dont get me wrong…I am an avid bowhunter…but I do not kill animals just to kill them…I do not understand the concept of shooting fish such as these large carp and catfish just to shoot them…If they are eating them thats great but the comment was made they just throw them in the field for fertilizer and shoot them just to thin them out…SENSELESS KILLING….This really sends a poor message / image to the public in regards to hunting and especially bow hunting…How about being a little more selective as to what segments are being aired… Again I am a concerned and avid bowhunter and I thought this was a poor selection!

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