Police: Two Arrested for Dealing Drugs with Little Girl Living in Home

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CATAWISSA -- Two people were arrested and now face several charges including endangering a young girl after a drug bust in Columbia County.

According to police, Samuel J. Butcher, 37, and Debra L. Harner, 35, both of Catawissa, were charged with drug possession, drug possession with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, and reckless endangerment of a two-year-old child.

The bust happened at a home on South Third Street in Catawissa around 5 p.m. on Friday where police said Harner lived with her two-year-old daughter.

Police said the two were selling heroin, cocaine, and crack cocaine from the home.

Officials said Harner was allowing Butcher, who is originally from New York City, to live in her home in exchange for heroin.


  • pj schoenecke

    My grand daughter is 3 not 2 and is now with her Grandmother where she is safe and away from all the bullsh– that her mother and junkie friends were doing. My grand daughter never stood a chance since she was born including her own father who is locked up as well. Both of us grand mothers pray that our problem children grow up, straighten up, and become responsible citizens. Our grand daughter is beautiful and we will fight to give her every chance of a good life. for those of you defending Deb and the guy from NY, black and white has nothing to do with choices we make. you wanna choose what you know is wrong pay the price for it. I have no pity or sympathy.

  • mike

    Just so everyone knows the two year old did not live there and she is in a very loving home with her grandmother

  • john

    I agree that this fellow was probably a post-doctoral fellow in chemistry who was working hard on making this world a better place, but inexplicably went awry.

  • Barry Augustine

    What a scumbag. I’ve had my party days and my days of mischief but that all changed when my kiddos were born. They deserve to rot in jail. Simple as that.

  • Garben

    The baby should be adopted out too a caring family as her mothers family truly didn’t care before they got arrested so why would they now? Ps the pictures clearl show how ugly drugs are the only good thing s one less welfare sucker we have to pay for so she has drug money or the family

  • Axel rosenberg

    Another bad brotha- you look real tuff n cool in yo mugshot my brotha-it’s too bad you can’t get a job with your record and you shower with dudes now- fuggin clown! Your crackhead girlfriend looks cute too…

  • paul

    same old players, same old faces, nothing new here…when you here of a murder , rape, robbery, or a drug bust, before you even see the pictures of the thugs, you already know what you will be seeing.. send them back to new york, just get them out of our area.

    • Jennifer Faus

      Just an fyi, she’s from Catawissa. I know because she’s my stepcousin. Her family is so pissed.

  • Jesse

    This problem could be avoided in the future, We need more children and youth agents in each county. If you have children under 18 living in your home, you should have to submit to a mandatory drug screen every 6 months, NEPA is loaded with drug using parents. You’ll see a decline in this once these dirtballs have their kids taken away and put in to county care.

    • poonus

      how about every 6 months- everyone parent or not, in the county gets a drug test -for the good of the children, oh we hear this all the time, how about we setup a border fence between PA and NY- you know keeping the dealers in the big city (we could include Philadelphia) TSA could staff it- it’s not like their doing anything anyhow …yeah, just what we need more government help. no thank you!- I don’t use, or have kids- I know of a really safe place you can go Jesse- it’s got all these rules, no weapons, no drugs, it’s a perfect protected community, totally safe, if your willing to give your freedoms away this is the place for you, buddy – it’s called prison- demanding everyone with a child be tested is insulting.

    • Wyatt (@Rawbeja)

      What gets me are the people on welfare that aren’t married! Welfare agency thinks their helping out a single mother but don’t realize that the boyfriend is living with her. These people know how to play the system. They should be investigated more often!

  • cv

    This is digusting. However what is more disgusting is that people act like only African Americans do or deal drugs. I am white and yes I am defending African Americans. Anyone of any color or creed and do and sell drugs. Meth labs that are busted are more often than not created by whites. Stop blaming an entire race for the actions of some. I know several very successful young black men and women! Neither of these two deserve children, not because of their interracial relationship, but because of their actions.

  • John Smith

    For Whites, esp. White females, associating with africans is like playing Russian roulette with 5 rounds in the cylinder. Odds are, it will end badly for you, or someone you love. At least the child got out alive.

    • MWM

      I cannot believe you made this stupid comment yet again, and I cannot believe you got 11 votes up. Guess there’s lots of people around here just as stupid. Over half the dirt-bag-druggies in this area are white males FROM this area. I know plenty of white chicks with LOSER white-NEPA-valley-knuckle-draggers who drug, drink, and have kids! Not to mention 90% of the pedophiles we read on here happen to be white. Why is this? Because most of this area is white. And have you forgotten all those idiot men who had killed on here? Shaken babies, hit and runs, friends killing friends over some stupid girl, burning young girls in the woods, whacking in the woods their own father and grandfather fer pete’s sake! All those guys were white!

      • poonus

        that up vote was probably for the child getting out alive… most people could care less that the guys black and she’s white…

  • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

    Got a bad ” DRUG OVER ” Mr. Butcher ???? You don’t look to with it in yer pic ! How can society help those that do not want to be helped ??? Someone please take good care of the child, steer the child in the right direction !

  • Joe Schmoe

    This stuff is so commonplace. It’s not even news anymore. How about a story where a kid makes it through school without falling victim to drugs, spending half his youth in juvy or rehab and gets a good job. That would be big news!

      • Dennis

        Yeah, Joe. You’ll get negative votes for what used to be generally accepted behavior and/or beliefs. Welcome to bizarro world. It’s not just NEPA. it’s everywhere. I will guarantee there will be numerous negative votes to this post. Hilarious!!!

  • tina

    Girl you need to stay locked up in prison so that sweet little girl can be adopted to a great loving family and the gun can stay there too. So stupid!

    • Jennifer Faus

      She wont be adopted, she does have other family you know. Shes with her grandmother and her older brother. Don’t be ignorant.

      • pj schoenecke

        You are right Jennifer. Not only does she have her grand mother there she also has 1 in Seattle who will be there to help. There is no way she will ever be adopted outside the family. Deb just needs to realize she has 2 wonderful children and get her crap together. She can do what ever she wants after the children are grown.

  • Bill

    2 Complete scumbags! That poor child, i hope they can place it someplace decent where it gets the love it deserves!

  • MWM

    You stupid B. They should give this baby-girl to someone who wants her more than heroin. Harner waytago give NYC a bad name. You are both in your mid-thirties so past your time to WTFU. Get help, good luck, and harner go home.

    • Jennifer Faus

      Can you read? She’s from Catawissa dingbat. Her daughter is with her grandmother so get a grip.

    • Jennifer Faus

      She is home, she’s not from NYC, the guy is. She was born and raised in Catawissa area. I know because she’s my stepcousin.

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