New Mural Depicts the History of Coal Township

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COAL TOWNSHIP -- A new mural was unveiled depicting the history of the community in Coal Township.

The artist recently completed the work of art on the side of Irish Isle/Pot of Gold, a beer distributor and butcher shop near Shamokin.

People showed up to take photos and even see themselves painted as part of the mural.

The artist says it coincides perfectly with the celebration of 150 years of history in nearby Shamokin.

"The mural also celebrates the town, so I feel it's the perfect time to unveil it. We're celebrating everything everyone's been through, so I think this will show we're still strong. It's a great area and there's still things to be proud of," said Shawn McGugan, the artist of the mural.

Coal City Revitalization spearheaded the new mural.