Indycar 500, Fourth of July Means Big Bucks For Pocono Businesses

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- It's a busy weekend in the Poconos. The Pocono Indycar 500 is back at the raceway in Long Pond, bringing in race fans. Plus, plenty of folks are in the area for the Fourth of July weekend. That`s good for area businesses.

The lots were filling up with cars outside Pocono Raceway as the Pocono Indycar 500 race is back in Monroe County.

Route 115 was full of traffic as race fans made their way to the track. Adding to that congestion were folks coming out for the Fourth of July weekend.

This influx of people meant business was booming.

One farmer`s market was so busy, it even surprised the vendors.

"I have never seen anything quite like this. We've been here for about three months now, two months and this is crazy today. It's very impressive, Fourth of July, Indy race, wow, yeah, it`s a zoo," said Oyster Andy of A & A Seafood.

The favorite here for many shoppers was the homemade ice cream.

"I've never even tasted it, but it`s homemade. I think it's probably going to be delicious. We've been here before and I love it. I got the barbequed chicken and we get our vegetables here. We get our eggs here. It's wonderful," said Mary Sugrue of New Jersey.

Kelly Archbald, the owner of The Pit Stop food truck said she sets up along Route 115 every race weekend.

"With the fireworks store here they get a lot of business on Fourth of July weekend. The Indycar race we don`t get as much traffic as the NASCAR race, but we're still seeing some pretty decent traffic coming back and we are getting some repeat customers, so they're starting to know where we're at," said Archbald.

Joseph Loya has a table nearby selling race-logo t-shirts, but says it's not just race fans buying them.

"Obviously you're going to get a lot more people coming in because they`re coming in to get fireworks or to celebrate and what not. So it is good. It`s a bonus for us. It`s a big bonus for us," Loya said.

Workers at J & M's Sweet Cravings ice cream shop said having the race fall on the weekend of the fourth is great.

"The combination of the both really helps up tremendously. A lot of traffic comes around this way. I know the rental homes are all rented out for the fourth and then more people come out for Indy, so it gets pretty busy," said Megan McFadden.

Debbie Myers came in from Erie for her first trip to Pocono Raceway.

"It's a good time. We tented it. Kind of our first time so we`re rookies, but we`re enjoying it and having a wonderful time. The weather is beautiful here. The scenery is very awesome," said Myers.

The big Indycar race is set for Sunday at 1 p.m.

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  • Keith

    Your reporter’s should get the correct information when doing interviews. Kelly Archibald is not the owner of Pit Stop concession. The correct owner is Keith Safin.

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