Storm Cleanup on the Fourth of July

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LYCOMING COUNTY -- For hundreds around Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania, the Fourth of July was spent cleaning up from strong storms that pounded parts of the area Thursday night.

The chain saw buzzed and wood chips sprayed, as Roger Harris worked to cut up tree limbs scattered through his yard on Factory Road near Cogan Station. It's not exactly what he had planned for his Fourth of July holiday.

"We're going to have a party on cutting trees and maybe even have a bonfire since we're getting it piled up nice." Roger Harris from Hepburn Township.

A heavy rain storm with high winds brought trees down the night before. A little farther up Factory Road, a fallen tree pulled down power lines. PPL says at the height of the storm nearly 5200 homes and businesses in Lycoming County were without power.

"We all went downstairs to kind of hunker down and a little bit later we got the call from our neighbor." said Eli Kilburn from Hepburn Township.

That call was to warn neighbors that this tree had fallen down on to a power line. It caught fire and was put out quickly but a couple of neighbors in the area still do not have power.

"We're not in civilization. We have no TV, no internet and no telephone." said Marilu Slattery-Way.

PPL had crews working all over the area to make sure people get their power back on. While they wait, most of them say, they're making the best out of a beautiful holiday.

“ It doesn't look like it turned out that way but we're going to make it turn out that way one way or another." said Harris.


  • Garben

    Oh so you think tv and Internet and phone are civilization? How dependent the city folk are on luxuries

    • Civilizedinpa

      How dare you Garben. Marilu was most likely born before television was a common household item. Maybe she is concerned about missing the fireside chats or little orphan Annie on the radio.

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