Montrose Holds Patriotic Parade

MONTROSE -- People in Susquehanna County filled the streets of Montrose to celebrate our nation's independence at the annual patriotic parade.

Even though the parade in Montrose, people come from much further than Susquehanna County to check out this parade.

The Schmidt comes to Montrose every year from all over the country to spend the holiday together and to visit grandma who lives in Susquehanna County.

"We make this our family vacation, the kids that work kind of plan their times around it and they're here for several days," said Barabara Schmidt from Montrose.

Molly Riordan and her family also come together every year to watch the parade.

Their family has a house right along Grow Avenue and said this small town parade is anything but.

"It's really big, it's bigger than the other parades. There's no doubt about that and the kids like the candy," said Riordan.

And she's not kidding. But don't worry, these people know the real reason why they're supporting the red, white and blue.

"It's the day we can celebrate our independence," said Meghan Schmidt.

There will also be fireworks tonight at Montrose Area High School at dusk.


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