Left Dry on the 4th of July

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MARSHALLS CREEK - A community of about 50 homes in Marshalls Creek says they've been without water for two days now.

Residents say the well was struck by lightning, but the property management isn't telling tenants if or when their water might return.

Turn on Steve Sharpless`s spicket - and this is about all the water you`ll see. A small trickle.

He says he`s been without water since Wednesday here in Marshalls Creek and so have the dozens of homes here in this mountain manor community.

"Well I guess on Wednesday there was a lightning strike at the well. They said the circuit board was fried and that they were going to repair it," said Sharpless.

But a couple of days later - no crews were in sight where the problem well sits.

Sharpless and neighbors are frustrated - while dishes, laundry, and toilets back up.

"We can`t do dishes, we`re trying to prepare for a picnic, trying to prep food, the toilets don`t flush," said Sharpless.

"I`m very upset, it`s the 4th of July weekend, what are we supposed to do?" said Tamera Kelly of Marshalls Creek.

While the weather`s cooperating Sharpless is using this trashcan to collect rain drops to flush his toilet, not knowing how long he`ll have to go without water.

The property owner's office was closed and tenants say Mountain Manor Development Corporation has been giving them the silent treatment.

"The fact that they`re not communicating with us is an issue.  We have children here, we have elderly here, what are we supposed to do without water?" said Kelly.

The property manager did tell Newswatch 16 on the phone that the problem lies in the well's power source -

Met Ed and the property's electricians are working to fix it as soon as possible.

Tenants say they just want to know when the water will come back because this is no way to spend a holiday.

"Ultimately you`re responsible for the folks that you serve, and I feel like we`re not being served," said Sharpless.

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