July Fourth: Chilly for Camping

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LOCUST LAKE STATE PARK — Few people at the Locust Lake State Park near Barnesville actually spent time in the lake.

People wore long pants and long sleeves; usually a rarity on the fourth of July.

But an overnight storm kept this day from being a scorcher at Locust lake.

“Jeez, i`ve never seen anyone on the lake on the Fourth of July with a coat on before,” said Todd Reismiller of Ashland.  “I`ve never seen anything like it.”

Reismiller has taken his family to Locust Lake the last four Fourth of Julys.

“This one`s not even close to the last ones,” said Reismiller.  “This one`s cold and rainy and windy.  The kids don`t even want to go to the beach it’s so cold out.”

This holiday people in large campers, and small tents dodged puddles.

At times, campfires seemed to be used more for warmth than for cooking.

Campers say this beats a tradition trip to the New Jersey shore.  There are no hurricane warnings here. And you still get a beachfront view.

“We`re a little over 90% full right now, and probably will be through tomorrow night,” said Park Director Lew Williams.

Some people Newswatch 16 spoke with didn`t mind swimming in mid 60`s temperatures.

Todd Reismiller passed on the beach, but says he wouldn`t want to be anywhere else.

“The smell of the campfire, cooking on the grill, being outside, the smell of the air here,” said Reismiller.  “It`s nice around here.”

Reismiller says he`ll bring his family camping several times this summer.

Odds are, the family will remember the July Fourth weekend, as the one where they needed sweaters.