Shamokin Celebrates Its 150th Anniversary

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SHAMOKIN — This week, the city of Shamokin is celebrating its 150th anniversary.

Driving through Shamokin, signs can be seen throughout the city. Shamokin is celebrating its 150th anniversary this week and volunteers are preparing for the events.

“We’ve been preparing this for months and months and it’s all finally coming together,” said Judy Latsha.

Latsha and some other volunteers spent the day selling commemorative Shamokin memorabilia. Whether it be T-shirts, magnets, or even beer mugs, people lined up to buy them.

“It’s fantastic, it’s just a thrill. It is. I didn’t think it would be this exciting, but it is,” said Mary Edmondson.

The anniversary celebration started Sunday with events that included a church service, pet parade, and live music.

“Some of the volunteers tell us they still remember celebrating Shamokin’s 100th anniversary back in 1964.

“We wore the centennial dresses and bonnets and everything,” said Latsha. “But I’m not going to wear the centennial outfit this week!’

“We just have a realistic picture that we’re going to bring it back. We’re maintaining a positive attitude. And a small group of volunteers has been sticking it out to work together and really make this a better future for Shamokin,” said Joseph Rudy, member of the 150th anniversary committee.

Rudy says the event cost around $32,000 and much of that is being paid for by selling merchandise. He says the events will not cost taxpayers anything.

“It was all money raised by the committees to pay for everything so there will be no debt to the city whatsoever.”

The anniversary celebration wraps up on Saturday with a parade and fireworks.