Scranton Free Swim Program Expanded

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SCRANTON — Some neighbors in Scranton were first to start buying season swim passes for families in need.

Their idea got much bigger when the city received a $10,000 donation to help kids swim for free at Nay Aug Park.

Swimming was on the minds of a lot of people in Scranton with the temperatures up around 90 most of the day

Allied Services handed the city of Scranton a check for $10,000 on Wednesday. The money was meant to defray the cost of swimming at Nay Aug Park, the only pool with a fee in Scranton. That donation expanded a program that was already underway for families in need.

By 11:45 each morning, the line outside the Nay Aug Park pool in Scranton begins to form, families with their $5 a piece in hand waiting, for the doors to open at noon.

The admission price at this particular city pool has gotten a lot of attention lately.

Should everyone have to pay?

Lindsey Tutino of Scranton has taken her two kids to Nay Aug Park a few times this summer and says it adds up.

“I mean, $15 for three days in a row, plus lunches, you know, bring sandwiches and hoagies and what not, it gets pretty expensive after one week,” Tutino said.

Tutino was one of more than 100 people to sign up for a free family season pass for the Nay Aug Park pool. The city is drawing from a $10,000 donation by Allied Services.

Families can apply at the Weston Field House on Providence Road. Officials are asking for an access card and drivers’ license from each family.

“I have had the phone ringing off the hook all morning since it hit the paper and last night. Before that Ozzie Quinn was giving them out in the hill section,” said Tom Lynch, Scranton Parks and Recreation.

Ozzie Quinn and the Hill Neighborhood Association were first to start raising money for swim passes.

The idea’s gotten a bit bigger since the organization started raising money on its own a few weeks ago.

“I’m getting deluged, I’m getting deluged with people. Put all the names on one card.”

There’s was a steady line of people applying at the Hill Neighborhood Association office on Prescott Avenue, too.

Patti Hamlin who says her three kids will have a much better summer now.

“It will make things a lot more bearable, not sweating and complaining, wishing I could take them to the pool but I can’t take them to the pool because I don’t have the money. This helps,” Hamlin said.

City Officials say they will give out season passes to swim at Nay Aug as long as that $10, 000 donation lasts. There are still passes available.


  • Lisa G.

    I’m from Scranton, but I moved near King of Prussia 19 years ago. EVERY public pool in our area has charged membership fees for years (our county’s pool is $326/summer and the more exclusive pools with slides are $500/summer). At most of the pools in our area, you have to buy the WHOLE summer membership, you can’t just pay $5/person. The cost is used for lifeguards (have a switch them every 15 minutes anymore), pool and facility maintenance, chlorine, and electricity to run the filters constantly. All of these costs have increased dramatically in the last 5 years, not to mention that you need to have a lot more lifeguards around, since they have to be rotated every 15 minutes.

  • smokes

    why in the hell should any one have to pay to swim there i though this was like for public or community should all are taxes take care of all the cost of care of the pool to bad they could not swim some where else for free i find it plan dumb this not like its water park or some sort or family vaction. wonder whos making all big bucks in scraton filling there big pockets bigger and deeper and us we get spider webs in are pockets and broke for a year. keep it up good job your doing or not. i rember time when long ago they had public pools for free in each town ship where you lived they never charged at all they had life guards and mantied the pool as well and paid there emplyes as well. we need to go back to those days its all big money talking aint it.

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