Rain, Thunder Washes Out Scranton’s Fourth Of July Party

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SCRANTON -- The Fourth of July celebration got off to a soggy start with the stormy weather postponing many fireworks displays.

However, the City of Scranton did try to forge ahead with its party downtown.

The Electric City’s Fourth of July celebration got off to an electrifying start.

As a wicked thunderstorm rolled over Courthouse Square, Mother Nature provided her own fireworks display.

Despite the weather, organizers forged ahead with the fourth annual Scrantastic Spectacular.

“This is our fourth year for this event and we want to keep it rolling, we want to keep this rain or shine, not obviously if we have any safety concerns we will end up cancelling it but as of right now, everything is still on,” said Jillian Wydra.

Rain kept the crowds at a dismal level.

For those that did come out, they said a summer storm wouldn’t stop the celebration.

“Hey, I always say kids should go out and enjoy everything even if it’s raining,” said Victoria Lucas of West Pittston.

“We wanted to come out here for some fireworks and her husband’s in the race and unfortunately we got rained out but we’re still having fun,” said Nina Majyar of West Pittston.

It was that 5K Superheroes race that had the most people coming out.

“And the rain kind of cools you down so that’s kind of nice,” said one runner.

But some attractions, like the inflatable bounce houses, were unable to go on with the party.

In the end, organizers gave in to the unrelenting rain and the rolls of thunder, cancelling the event just a few hours in, including the Philharmonic Concert.

The fireworks show was postponed to a later date.

“I feel bad for the people that are selling stuff too because they’re not going to get a lot of business,” said Lucas.

Here at Dave’s Gyros, there was plenty of food still to be had, when the party was pulled.

“Kind of depressed,” said owner Dave Norman. “It takes a few hours to get out and get set up and now it takes another hour and a half to tear it down, thank god we have a place to go tomorrow to sell the food that we have.”

The fireworks show will be held here on Saturday night.

Live music and food vendors are expected to start at 6 p.m., and then the display at 9:30 p.m.