Music Teacher Admits Corruption Charge

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SCRANTON -- A high school music teacher has pleaded guilty to corruption of minors.

Steven Dixon, 27, was a music teacher in the Carbondale Area School District and moderator of the school band.

Dixon was arrested in May after authorities say he had inappropriate sexual conversations with students in class in the Carbondale Area School District.


  • Joe Schmoe

    He had inappropriate “sexual” conversations in class, but people are up in arms over south Williamsport canceling the play? The line in the sand is so confusing, it’s like a kaleidoscope. We support one thing, we don’t support another. These people support that, those people support something else. One can get dizzy trying to keep track. It is fun to watch the show though!!! Haha

  • Arch Stanton

    This is all a big misunderstanding. He was only teaching them the lyrics to Miley Cyrus songs.

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