High Gas Prices Hit Holiday Travelers

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP — For those hitting the road this holiday weekend, there’s some extra pain at the pump.

Many vacationers in the Poconos aren’t letting the high gas prices change their Fourth of July plans.

From biking, to loading up and hitting the links, the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort here in the Poconos is busy with July Fourth vacationers. This resort says they’re booked solid.

“The Fourth of July is on a Friday, which falls at a perfect time for people to get away and sort of extend the weekend and the holiday time for them,” said Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort General Manager Rob Howell.

Many families like the Kreuz’s from near Quakertown travel here every summer.

“Because you have lots of fun down here and there’s lots of activities to do,” said 8-year-old Kelly Kreuz.

“We’re only a short distance and it was a lot cheaper for us to come up here than it was to go to the shore or someplace else,” said John Kreuz of Red Hill.

But according to AAA, gas prices have hit the highest they’ve been in six years this Fourth of July holiday. Officials are citing tensions overseas in Iraq as the main factor driving up the price.

In the Poconos, we found gas for $3.75 a gallon.

Even though travelers say they’re not changing their plans for this Fourth of July weekend, drivers still say it’s still painful filling up at the pump.

“The prices, they need to do something with the prices. It gets ridiculous when the months go by and every year something is increasing,” said Derrick Neverson of New York.

Eric Jones of Marshalls Creek says he’s filling up before a long trip and is willing to pay the price at the pump no matter what.

“We’re doing a lot of traveling. We’re going to Massachusetts right now, big family cook out,” said Jones.

Others relaxing at Shawnee agree they won’t let high gas prices get them down or put a stop to summertime plans.

“Oh no, we’ve got to pretend, or go ahead and do what we know we have to do. Keep things going,” said Kreuz.

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  • Franko

    Hey you forgot to add that our gas prices are higher this year because of our lovely governor who raised the state gasoline tax, when all the rate hikes are done we will be paying 60-cents per gallon to the stat just for tax — we will be the state with the highest fuel tax in the entire country but WNEP will never do a news story on that. Look at comparison to NJ where gas stations, by law, are full service — two weeks ago I saw gas as low as $3.13 when we are paying almost $3.70 — it;s ridiculous.

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