Getting Ready for Fourth of July Weekend

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WILKES-BARRE — Preparing for the Fourth of July weekend is no small feat.

“The grocery store was very busy this morning. I got there about nine o’clock, and they were very busy already,” said Diane Dekmar of Kingston.

“I got corn on the cob, and down there, I have to look and see what else they got.”

July Fourth grill items and goodies are on display at the front of this Schiel’s Family Market in Wilkes-Barre making it even easier to check out.

The manager says there are so many shoppers, there aren’t enough shopping carts to go around. In fact, they had to borrow carts from the other Schiel’s location in Wilkes-Barre.

“Jeepers, I figure well I went earlier. But I stop here, and when I get here, I can’t find a parking spot. There’s only a couple carts left,” said Rita Sweeney of Wanamie.

Things are just as busy at the liquor stores. Women at the Wine and Spirits store in Edwardsville are stocking up.

“I got like four bottles of vodka and about a case of wine, so I’m ready,” said Susan Kahlau of Mountain Top.

Diane Dekmar of Kingston researched the best sangria recipe before picking up the ingredients.

“We’ve been on the internet, my daughter and I. We’ve been checking recipes out and trying to find something that’ll appeal to a large group of people,” said Dekmar.

So while some plan to drink, or eat, or just stay in.

“Sit in the house where it’s air conditioned and don’t die of heat stroke like it is out there,” said Dekmar.

Most plan to have a good and safe Fourth of July weekend.


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