Friends Remember Homicide Victim

JESSUP TOWNSHIP — The Susquehanna County Coroner determined a cause of death for the homicide of Russel Fauver, 31, from Laceyville.

The coroner said Fauver died from traumatic injuries after being run over by a motor vehicle.

He was found almost lifeless on a remote road in Susquehanna County early Wednesday Morning.

Fauver rented a home in Laceyville on Baker Road for about two years.

His landlord said Fauver was a great dad.

“He’s a good fellow. Loved his kids and a very good fellow,” said Eleanor Sutton, Fauver’s landlord.

But now this home is empty.

Paul Paci, 22, from Dallas is charged with criminal homicide for the Fauver’s death.

According to court papers, Paci and Fauver got into a fight over a woman.

Both men left a local bar, but Paci returned to a friends house later covered in blood and told his friend, “I think I killed him. “

It was a friend of Paci’s who ended up on Blaisure Road when he was concerned for Fauver. When the friend found Fauver, he was lying on the side of the road but still had a faint pulse. Fauver was taken to Endless Mountain Health Systems Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“Just unreal that his had to take place,” said Sutton.

Fauver’s landlord couldn’t believe her tenant was killed.

She said he had a son and daughter who were the center of his world.

“The kids are only like 6 and 4 and that’s too young to lose their dad,” said Sutton.

Pacci is being held at the Susquehanna County Prison.

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