UPDATE: Former Cop Headed To State Prison On Sex Charges

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WILKES-BARRE -- A former police officer in Luzerne County will spend time behind bars for sexually assaulting teen girls.

Cody Smith was sentenced Thursday morning of two to four years in prison.

He pleaded guilty in March to the sex charges.

In addition to the jail time, Smith will serve five years on probation and register as a sex offender.

Smith was a part-time cop for Wyoming borough.

Authorities in Luzerne County accused Smith of having sex with four teenaged girls.

Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Roberts told Newswatch 16 that Smith will not be able to work in law enforcement again.

“One of the reasons that we had agreed upon a sentence in this case was to save the four teenage victims from having to actually go into court and testify,” said Roberts. “He was an individual that a victim would normally go to for help, but he in this case was the defendant. It was just unfortunate and hopefully the community is aware that it was an isolated case.”


  • Greg B.

    He’ll never work in Law Enforcement again?

    Well, kid, allow me to speak you’re own language here: P0WNED

  • Eugene B.

    they were a bunch of whores, that’s how their parents raise them and dress them these days. thankfully the judge didn’t get carried away with the same vengeful stupor the rest of you are

    • CrazyLarry (@Skyhawk442)

      Eugene, It doesn’t matter what you think of the girls, bottom line, an Officer of the law was Lusting after young Girls, That’s sick, and maybe you should change your thinking? It doesn’t matter if these girls are running naked, you still don’t touch.

  • mdog

    It was just unfortunate and hopefully the community is aware that it was an isolated case.”
    x 4 ? sorry seems fishy i just hope he was not encouraged or groomed to this behaviour
    by an older pier local or not local.Rookie on the job at any job has to watch his step i would check to see
    even in the surrounding towns if this behaviour is/was “the way things are”.
    I wonder if he himself has become a victim of his circle. Just asking.

  • jimmy

    yep…more punk kid 18, 19, 20 year old cops…..good for him…i hope the prison cameras turn off, some cell doors open and it turns into a bad episode of OZ!!

  • Me

    A cop going to prison for molesting kids.

    Wow. He will regret his decision for the next 2-4 yrs. those prisoners are going to ruin this little boy

  • Uncle Billy

    Looks more like a high school sophomore. If he pulled me over I’d have to ask “Isn’t it past your bed time?”.

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