Booming Business At Fireworks Outlets

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MARSHALLS CREEK — Fireworks outlets near the Pennsylvania line are doing a booming business.

Out-of-state shoppers are packing stores in the Poconos.

The register at the fireworks outlet in Marshalls Creek has been busy all day as fireworks sales boom right before the July Fourth holiday.

But all of these shoppers are from out of state.

“We’d like to think if we have the best product at the best price, that people would find us, but certainly being close to New Jersey has its benefits,” said Ken Schuchman, Fireworks Outlet at the Odd Lot.

That’s because fireworks that launch in the air can’t be sold to Pennsylvania residents or set off in the state, according to state law

But plenty of people like Hector Rodriguez from New Jersey are crossing the state line to stock up.

“You can’t get anything there no, so it’s right across the border, it’s not far, and the kids will have a lot of fun.”

Some shoppers tell us they drove an hour and a half just to get their hands on some fireworks.

“Got some whistling rockets, some mini capes, ready for Fourth of July,” said Andrew Tadrous of New York.

Even though the parking lot is packed with out-of-state plates, this fireworks outlet actually says most of their business comes from right here in Pennsylvania.

Gabriele McIntyre of Brodheadsville is picking up sparklers that are legal to light up in PA.

“For the kids, you know? I have children at home, they like to play with the fireworks.”

Owners say about two thirds of their business comes from shoppers that live in the Stroudsburg area

But McIntyre, like many others in the commonwealth, wish the laws were a little more lax when it comes to buying fireworks for the Fourth.

“I think yeah, I would like to blow off a couple fireworks in the air, sure. Those are the best ones.”

This outlet in Marshalls Creek will be open extended hours for shoppers through the July Fourth holiday.



  • Joe

    All the firework stores sell the illegal one to PA residents anyway! I have bought them at many of those stores. They give you the permit at the store. Just don’t get stopped by the police they will take them.

  • Franko

    Here’s one — how is it LEGAL to sell something in the state which is ILLEGAL for Pennsylvania Residents to purchase, possess, and use ? So the stores can LEGALLY sell ILLEGAL fireworks — maybe the state should have a special fireworks tax on them.

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