Storm Damage in Lycoming County

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MONTOURSVILLE -- Part of the afternoon was spent under a tornado warning in Lycoming County.

Gary Eisenhauer was not home when severe weather hit Montoursville, but when he got back to his house, he saw the damage left behind. "When I looked out and saw it I said, 'I think that's our tree.' And it was," Eisenhauer said.

Parts of Lycoming County were under a tornado warning early this afternoon. The National Weather Service has not confirmed if one touched down, but a picture sent to Newswatch 16 by a viewer showed a scud cloud outside the Lycoming Mall in Muncy Township.

The storm only lasted about a half hour, but left people on Broad Street in Montoursville with a lot of damage. One tree came down and took a power line with it.

"We looked out the back window and it looked like a hurricane," Garrett Whiteman said.

"My neighbor had their window open about five inches. The water came in the window and actually hit the other wall inside the house," Eisenhauer said.

"I was out mowing my grass and we heard thunder a little while away. I was like, we're going to have to finish up soon. And then in about five minutes it was on top of us," Whiteman said.

Some of the people who live on Broad Street say the next step is to clean up the big mess. The people who live there said this process has already started. "We'll load it in and take down whatever debris we can that's been lying around because we lost part of the tree back here. My neighbor across the street lost part of their tree," Eisenhauer said.

Power was out for a few hours in parts of Lycoming County while PPL crews fixed the power lines.

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  • Mac Daddy

    Figures, those trashy storms from Philadelphia start moving here and sure enough, we’re left to clean up the mess.

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