Son And Grandson Charged In Elderly Man’s Death

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GIBSON TOWNSHIP -- The body of a homicide victim found in Susquehanna County belongs to an 88-year-old man, and now the victim's son and grandson are charged with the crime.

Authorities believe that elderly man was killed in Montgomery County, near Philadelphia, and then his body was dumped in Susquehanna County.

The Susquehanna County coroner identified the body as Jack St. Onge, 88, from Montgomery County.

The D.A.'s office near Philadelphia charged David St. Onge and David St. Onge Jr. in connection with this homicide

Workers discovered the body of Jack St. Onge in a wooded area last week.

The Susquehanna County coroner says St. Onge's body was wrapped in tarps and had been there for at least several days.

The death is now ruled a homicide and that man's son, David St. Onge Sr., is accused of killing his father. Investigators say David St. Onge Sr. then worked with his own son David St. Onge Jr. to dump the body in Susquehanna County.

"Pitiful. It's not right, it's not right."

The Montgomery County district's attorney's office believes St. Ogne's home in Plymouth Township is where the homicide took place.

Investigators say St. Onge's son and grandson drove more than 150 miles to dump the body in Gibson Township.

"I bet the people who did it never thought of anybody being in there cutting the trees," said David Hine of Gibson Township last Saturday.

Hine and his daughter Natalie were walking along Route 92 when they saw state police blocking the road. Hine says he can't remember anything like this happening in the township, but he doesn't think it will be the last body found in the woods.

"Not around here, not this close. It surprises me that it's taken this long"

Hine's daughter, however, says she can't believe someone would dump a body near her home.

"It really scared me when I heard that it was a body or something."

Authorities say David St. Onge Sr. admitted to killing his father. He also confessed to stealing his dad's belongings and selling them to make money.

Additional charges may be filed after the Susquehanna County coroner makes a final determination on the cause of death.


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