Scranton Mail Center To Close

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SCRANTON -- The United States Postal Service will go ahead with plans to close its mail distribution center in Scranton.

In March, we reported that the plan was on hold.

Earlier this week, the postal service announced the mail processing center on Stafford Avenue is among more than 140 across the U.S. that will close.

About 300 workers will be given the opportunity to transfer to the Lehigh Valley distribution center.

Customers will still be able to mail packages and purchase stamps at the office on Stafford Avenue in Scranton.


  • thetruthaboutthepostoffice

    We must stop the closure of the Mail Centers. If USPS wants to serve its customers then it must keep its processing centers and brick and mortar post offices open, especially our historic post offices with one of a kind New Deal era postal murals & art.

  • Bob

    $75K plus a year, including benefits, for matching the numbers on an envelope with the numbers on a mailbox is ludicrous. No wonder when a postal employee gets even a hint of a possible layoff and having to market his or her “skills” in the real world they “go postal”.

  • Henry

    Ask any postal worker: “How did you get your job?” and the rote response is: “I took the test.” Right. Funny how the top three test takers nearly always have a connection to someone already working there.

  • Over paid and dug their own deficit

    Postal People are OVERPAID in my humble opinion ! The ones sorting the mail should be capped off at $22 an hour – Delivery men/women $20 an hour – Window Clerks $16 — I mean I see clerks getting $40 to $55 an hour for what ??? Crappy personality’s to the customers, most sit and twiddle their thumbs, read books, surf the net each hour till the next customer comes in getting ridiculous amounts of money, healthcare and pensions. While others out there work just as hard if not way harder than most clerks do, and the hard workers elsewhere get $10 to $15 an hour IF lucky !

    Postal system dug their own grave, over paid inept employees, and pension funds for life that are uncalled for just because they worked for the US Postal. I mean some clerks get $40 to $55 an hour for waiting on 4 people an hour in a slow office. People going to get masters, and bachelors degrees don’t even earn that much. US Postal is in the red, cause of their employees ridiculous pay. In my opinion

    • A hard postal worker in NEPA

      Well, in my “humble opiniong,” we postal workers are NOT overpaid, we do NOT sit and twiddle our thumbs until the next cutomer comes in, and we DO work hard. Have you any idea what it is like to work for the postal service? There is more work involved than you think. The company is not “in the red” because of employees’ pay; it is because we receive absolutely no help from congress. That was all fine and dandy before the internet came along, but with online bill pay, emails, text messages… it is almost impossible to compete.

      • Over paid and dug their own deficit

        Nobody doubts you work hard if sorting, or out walking, but still the pay scale is not REALITY ! I have seen my own eyes, clerks reading, playing on computers, anything and everything while killing time I mean $40 an hour which is low really, I am sure some clerks get $50 plus per hour – Lets take $40 X 8 hour day = $320 a day X 5 = $1,600 a week to wait on 4 to 5 people an hour in slow office ???? You got your opinion and I got mine, Postal needs overhaul RESET fair wages, not ridiculous wages for people with no people skills ( Most clerks I have seen ) I mean of course you want to hang on to the BIG PAY so you hate an opinion like mine. THink about it a Cop might get $24 an hour if lucky, which is SUPER pay, but some clerks get $40 to $50 an hour, wait on 4 to 5 customers per hour in slow office, and make at least $1,600 a week gross IF at the low $40 per hour

        Postal Service Employee Rates destroying the Post office that is why in the RED ! And Plants closing, as they have to downsize to many OVERPAID workers, set a realistic wage and Post Office will do better !

      • Over paid and dug their own deficit

        PART 2 – – Well lets go back to the CAVEMAN days so you all can make your $40 to $55 an hour and get lifetime Pension if you live to be 100 Years old ! To bad the Internet came along, and technology, and we don’t need your Antiquated, Dinosaur services so you can keep the pay up of someone with a Masters degree, and get that lifetime pension even if you live 40 years AFTER you retire ! Oh darn it technology and emails ! Why did you do that to the Postal Service ??? They need $40 to $55 per hour and to stay out of the red ! The Sorters are the HARDEST workers, and still should be capped at $22 per hour

      • Gerald

        There’s your answer right there. In the real world if you find it “almost impossible to compete” you go out of business. If the post office operated in the real world, without being propped up by the government as a means of last resort, they would have died a natural death years ago.

      • Over paid and dug their own deficit

        You said ” we postal workers are NOT overpaid ” $40 to $50 + an hour not over paid for window clerks ??????? I guess a Janitor deserves $80 an hour then
        I have also seen rotten clerks getting paid ATROCIOUS hourly wage, and they complain if they have to wrap up a package, they want the customer to do it all so then can get back to reading their magazines, books, internet, crossword puzzles.

        Postal Workers are so use to their ridiculous unrealistic high wage, that they would probably sink into a severe funk if they go demoted to $30 an hour

        Sorry USPS most employees are OVERPAID – When a Masters Degree earns you way less, their is a problem !

  • MC

    Another inefficient move by the USPS. About a year ago when they started talking about this, the financial data showed that the processing cost per letter was actually cheaper in Scranton than in Lehigh Valley. But let’s close the more efficient operation, and move to a higher cost area. Maybe they should move everything to Manhattan!

  • jim

    Where’s our spineless Senator Bobby Casey now? Notice how he stalled this decision as long as he could until after the last election? He’s so soft spoken and so very sleepy in every interview …….. when will Casey ever end the love fest with (30% approval) Obama ?
    Unions don’t work anymore, Bobby.

    • o-bob

      Maybe it’s time the people of Scranton / NEPA stop rubber stamping democratic candidates and actually vote based on the person and the issues rather than the name. NEPA still has the mindset that unions are good for this country. Perhaps that’s why Scranton is in a financial free fall for decades.

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